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Generated character art and chat platform.
Generated by ChatGPT

ArtHeart is an AI tool that enables users to generate art. It offers a platform where users can create their own character artwork or choose from a trending selection of original, celebrity, anime, VTuber, and superhero characters.

The tool provides a private chat feature that allows users to interact with the characters they select. Additionally, ArtHeart offers a wide variety of character images to choose from, which includes popular characters such as Bella Poarch, Ai Hoshino, Keegan, Scaramouche, Yae Miko, and many others.

The tool also provides the option to create custom characters. Users can bring their heart's desire to life by using ArtHeart's character creation feature.

It is worth mentioning that reserves all rights to its content and requires users to subscribe to its newsletter for updates.ArtHeart aims to offer a platform for art generation that combines user creativity with the assistance of AI technology.

It enables users to explore their artistic side by bringing their own characters or selecting from a diverse range of trending options. Whether users are looking to express their imagination or engage in private chats with their chosen characters, ArtHeart offers a space for artistic exploration and interaction.

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Feb 22, 2024
It's pretty cool, I'm using it for unfiltered images. But I don't see my credits anywhere. There are symbols when you click on your profile (coins, cubes and a wand), but no explanation what those symbols mean. I always see 20 coins, 0 cubes, 0 wands. And those numbers never change. So I'm always surprised by the 'you ran out of credits' message, cause I have no idea, how many free credits I have and how many credits are needed for an image. I've tried it on my mobile phone with Google chrome and switched to desktop view,to see if some additional info would pop up, but no.This should be fixed. Users must have the possibility to see their credits and the costs for a creation, this is a basic feature.

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