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ByMatthew Tiemann
Chat with Matthew's AI Agent.
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Sample prompts:
Who is Matthew?
How do I connect with Matthew?
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MatthewGPT is a GPT developed by Matthew Tiemann that serves as an interactive agent aimed at facilitating personalized conversations. Using the model of OpenAI's GPT-3, this tool augments the power of ChatGPT and provides a more customized interaction between users and the AI model.

To operate MatthewGPT, users are required to have 'ChatGPT Plus' as a foundational base. The purpose of MatthewGPT is to engage users in dialogue, making it an appropriate and effective tool for those seeking interactive sessions with an AI.

The unique aspect about MatthewGPT is indicative from the leading prompts suggested for starting conversations, including 'Who is Matthew?' and 'How do I connect with Matthew?'.

These prompts suggest that in addition to the general conversational capabilities, this GPT carries a character or persona in its responses, possibly defined and shaped by Matthew Tiemann.

Users signing up for MatthewGPT are enabled to chat with the AI persona giving them a more engaging and personalized user experience. Undoubtedly, MatthewGPT appears to be designed to add new dimensions to AI communication by making it more interactive, personal, and dynamic.

Users should note that any updates or changes to the tool would likely be reflected on its sign-up page.


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