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Chatbot with entertainment conversations.
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Chai Research is a conversational AI platform for entertainment that aims to be the world's largest of its kind. The platform is built around Chai-GPT, a conversational AI that users can access through the Chai app.

Rather than watching videos, users can converse with AI friends, mentors, and imaginary characters. Chai Research claims to serve over 500 million AI-generated messages per month with over 3.5 billion completions served to date.

Chai-GPT is specifically optimized for entertainment, and the company's mission is to build the world's most entertaining conversational AI. The company offers API access to its platform, and interested users can join the waitlist for access.

Chai Research also conducts research in the field of AI and offers job openings for ML research scientists and full-stack ML engineers at its Palo Alto, CA location.

Users can get in touch with Chai Research via email or WhatsApp, and the company has a presence on LinkedIn, GitHub, and HuggingFace. Overall, Chai Research presents itself as a unique conversational AI platform focused on entertainment and offers API access for interested parties while conducting research in the field of AI.

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Pros and Cons


Integrated imaginary characters
More than 500 million messages/month
More than 3.5 billion completions
API access provided
WhatsApp contact available
GitHub presence
HuggingFace presence
Usage via Chai app
ML research in progress


Optimized only for entertainment
Only accessible via Chai app
No immediate API access
Limited research transparency
Only supports conversation-based interactions
Recruitment limited to Palo Alto
Unclear data privacy measures
No multilingual support mentioned
No offline capability


What is ChaiGPT?
How can I access ChaiGPT?
What is the main focus of ChaiGPT?
What's unique about ChaiGPT's approach to AI?
How does the interaction with AI friends, mentors, and imaginary characters work?
What is the Chai app and how can I download it?
Can ChaiGPT be used for purposes other than entertainment?
What kind of conversations can I have with ChaiGPT?
How many AI-generated messages does ChaiGPT serve per month?
How do I join the API waitlist for ChaiGPT?
How does Chai Research contribute to AI research?
Are there any job positions open for ML research scientists or full-stack ML engineers at Chai Research?
What is the vision of Chai Research for AI and entertainment?
How can I get in touch with Chai Research?
How can I follow Chai Research's activities on LinkedIn, GitHub, and HuggingFace?
What is HuggingFace and how is Chai Research associated with it?
Where can I read the latest research from Chai Research?
What are terms of use for using ChaiGPT?
Where is Chai Research located?
What privacy policies does Chai Research follow?

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