Chatting 2023-02-18
Diverse chatbot for productivity and entertainment.
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Lomdi AI Chatbots is an app store for AI chatbots that offers a wide range of chatbot characters across 22 categories such as Spirituality, Expert Advice, Entertainment, Education, and more.

With over 500 chatbot characters to interact with, users can boost their productivity and engage in conversations with the wiki pages of their favorite celebrities.

The app is available on both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.Lomdi AI stands out from competitors like Bing, ChatGPT, and Bard by providing a comprehensive selection of chatbot categories, including famous people, productivity, expert advice, and education.

The search feature enables users to access the latest information, while separate chats ensure that chat histories are saved for each character.One notable feature of Lomdi AI is its content generation, which passes as 90% human on AI plagiarism checkers.

This emphasizes the authenticity and quality of the chatbot conversations. It should be noted that "Lomdi" means "FOX" in the Indian language Hindi.Overall, Lomdi AI Chatbots offers a diverse and extensive collection of AI chatbot characters, allowing users to engage in meaningful conversations and access relevant information in various domains.

It enables users to enhance their productivity and entertainment experience while interacting with chatbots designed to simulate human-like interactions.

Lomdi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 18th 2023.
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