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Virtual friends for personalized chat support
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Buddies is an AI tool that allows users to create smart AI virtual friends and engage in chat conversations with them anytime. These virtual friends can provide support and assistance in various aspects of life, including work and personal endeavors.

The tool offers a wide range of options for customizing virtual friends, such as choosing from a roster of celebrities, fictional characters, mentors, coaches, or other desired personalities.The chat experience with these virtual friends is designed to be interactive and lifelike.

Users can communicate with their virtual friends on any device and at any location, ensuring accessibility and convenience. The AI technology behind Buddies enables the virtual friends to listen, understand, and remember user interactions, making the conversations engaging and personalized.By leveraging this tool, users can benefit from a variety of applications, such as receiving tennis coaching from Roger Federer, seeking mental health counseling, enjoying conversations with celebrities like Rihanna, exploring vegan cooking with a chef, getting personal training advice, practicing meditation with a teacher, or learning a new language from a tutor.Buddies aims to enhance users' daily experiences by offering a unique and customizable virtual friendship experience with AI.

It provides a platform for users to connect with virtual friends that align with their interests and goals, delivering personalized support and companionship.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized chat support
Wide customization options
Roster of different personalities
Interactive and lifelike chat
Accessible on any device
Location independent access
Variety of application areas
Enhances daily experiences
Customizable virtual friendship
Conversations tailored to interests
Free testing
Chat with celebrities
Personal life coaching
Mental health counseling
Cooking tips from chefs
Personal training advice
Language learning support
Meditation guidance
Endless possibilities
Offers companionship


Lacks multilingual support
No offline accessibility
No custom avatars
Limited range of personalities
Lacks voice chat option
No direct synchronization with calendars
Unknown data privacy measures
Limited contextual understanding
Not available on all platforms
No free version for users


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How do the virtual friends in Buddies assist with personal endeavors?
What kind of personalities can I choose from in Buddies?
Can I use Buddies on any device?
How lifelike is the chat experience in Buddies?
Can the Buddies virtual friends remember user interactions?
Can I use Buddies for language learning?
How does Buddies enhance my daily experiences?
What are the applications of Buddies?
Can Buddies virtual friends help me with mental health counseling?
Can I chat with my Buddies virtual friends at any location?
Can I get personal training advice from Buddies?
How can Buddies help me with meditation practice?
How can I sign up for the Buddies service?
How can I use Buddies for vegan cooking learning?
What's the user base size for Buddies?

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