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Chat with AI on SMS and WhatsApp for free.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered chat tool available over SMS and WhatsApp. The tool facilitates smart conversations in over 50 languages, supporting its users with quick, informative responses directly to their phones.

No internet is required for its use, making AI technology more accessible. serves as a virtual smart search agent, providing answers to user inquiries over SMS or WhatsApp.

Its learning capabilities grow over time as it's given more tasks, improving the tool's effectiveness. Beyond its inherent abilities, users are allowed the flexibility to customize to suit their preferences.

Users can also feed the tool with specific data and documents to learn from, which broadens its knowledge base and improves its response accuracy. provides a simple and straightforward way to integrate AI into daily routines and workflows for efficiency and ease of access.

By encouraging its use today, signifies an opportunity for innovation, efficiency, and digital progress.


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May 7, 2024
I went on their website, it is not a chatting AI. It is a much worse version of ChatGPT. About all you can do is ask it questions, you can't have a conversation with it. It's pricing is horrible, too. As a free user you get 10 free messages total. You can also pay $9.99/month and get up to 20 messages per 24-hour period. The only plus this AI has over ChatGPT is that it can be used while offline.

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Pros and Cons


SMS and WhatsApp compatibility
Supports 50+ languages
Offline use
Self-learning capabilities
Fully customizable
Data feeding
Real-time responses
Accessible without internet
Seamless integration into workflows
Virtual smart search agent
Improves over time
Free chat on SMS and WhatsApp
Direct responses to phone
Can learn from documents
Optimized for digital progress


SMS/WhatsApp only integration
No instant-messaging platform compatibility
Limited to phone communication
No API for third-party integration
Requires specific data feeding
Non-interactive learning progression
No multi-device support
Not geared towards enterprise use
Offline use impacts real-time responses
Limited customization options

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