Chatting on Discord 2023-05-21
Meeting facilitation and task manager for Discord.
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Teno Chat is an intelligent Discord bot designed to enhance your meetings and communication experience. With Teno, you can effortlessly manage tasks and receive answers to your questions during meetings.

The tool is user-friendly, offering a range of easy-to-use commands or the option to simply ask Teno to perform tasks for you.Teno is adaptable to various needs, making it suitable as a meeting assistant, as well as integration with other Discord apps or for casual conversations.

By leveraging Teno's capabilities, you can streamline your meetings and improve productivity.This powerful tool by Cephalization takes on the role of meeting facilitator, providing an attentive listening presence to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

Teno offers its services in the General channel and provides the ability to track attendees and meeting start times.Developed by Deab Labs, Teno Chat prioritizes privacy and includes a privacy policy to protect user data.

With its intelligent features and user-friendly design, Teno Chat is a valuable addition to any Discord server, assisting with meeting management and driving efficient communication.

Teno was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Meeting facilitation on Discord
Task management feature
User-friendly commands
Voice-command capable
Adaptable to various needs
CASual conversation compatible
Tracks meeting attendees
Logs meeting start times
Privacy prioritized
Data protection provided
Integration with other apps
Streamlines meetings
Enhances communication
Improves productivity
Intelligent task completion
Effortless question answering
Meeting round-up functionality
Easy to launch
Integrates with Discord servers
Can serve multiple channels
In-meeting task management
Developed by experienced labs
Clean, minimal design
Interactive bot behaviour
Greater server utility
Reduces manual effort
Customizable according to needs
Powerful meeting facilitation
Good for large teams
Enhances meeting efficiency
Automates routine tasks
Boosts meeting outcomes
Effective listening presence
Record meeting actions
Supports voice interaction
Alerts for meeting times
Easy interaction language
Highly autonomous functionality
Multi-app integrations
Communicative bot behaviour
Conversational feature built-in


Limited to Discord
No multi-platform functionality
Can't schedule meetings
Lacks advanced task management
No voice recognition
Doesn't support multiple languages
No offline mode
Lack of detailed user-analytics
No integration with calendars
Limited customization options


What is Teno Chat?
How does Teno Chat enhance meetings on Discord?
Can Teno Chat manage tasks during Discord meetings?
What are the main features of Teno Chat?
How user-friendly is Teno Chat?
In what ways can I use Teno Chat?
What does Teno Chat offer as a meeting assistant?
Can Teno Chat integrate with other Discord apps?
How does Teno Chat ensure nothing goes unnoticed during meetings?
Who developed Teno Chat?
Does Teno Chat have a privacy policy?
How does Teno Chat protect user data?
Can Teno Chat be used for casual conversations on Discord?
How does Teno Chat improve productivity during meetings?
What are some of the easy-to-use commands Teno Chat offers?
Where does Teno Chat offer its services in Discord?
Can Teno Chat track attendees and meeting start times?
How does Teno Chat prioritize privacy?
Is Teno Chat adaptable for various needs?
What role does Teno Chat take on during Discord meetings?


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