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AI chatbot service for business
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AI chatbot service for your entire business.

Harness the Potential of OpenAI Models: Build Customizable, High-Performance Chatbots with Comprehensive Analytics.

With Chatness you can elevate customer engagement by leveraging the power of OpenAI models to craft customizable, high-performance chatbots that provide exceptional experiences.

## Customizable

When we say customizations, we mean it. You can customize every aspect of your chatbot, from color and system prompts to translations.

## Performance

We strive to make our latency always under 100ms so your customers never have to sweat for a response. Also our widget is just 3kb in size and we don't make use of iframes.

## Website Training

We offer an automated training service to help you get started building knowledge for your chatbot real quick. It's as easy as plugging in your domain URL and letting our AI do the rest.

## Teams

Invite your entire team to collaborate on the bot and make it even smarter. Every member has its own role and permissions.

## Discord

Use the Discord integration to sync threads and messages with your Discord channel and have your team replying right away.

## Security

We take security very seriously. We use the latest encryption standards to make sure your data is safe. We're also working to be fully GDPR and SOC2 compliant soon.

## Analytics

Track every inch of your bot's performance. Location, activity, resolution, engagement, everything to take your business to the next level.

## Support

We offer 24/7 support to help you with any issues you might have. We also have a Discord community where you can ask questions and get help from other users.

## Satisfaction

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services. Just contact us and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.


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Chatness AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Highly customizable chatbots
Guaranteed low latency
Light widget (3kb)
Website training service
Team collaboration available
Discord integration
Strong security measures
Comprehensive analytics
24/7 support
14-day money back guarantee
Self-hosted platform
Simple pricing
Free updates
Used by international companies
No coding skills required
Automated deployment
Enables visitor conversion
One-time payment option
Facilitates data ownership
Monthly updates
Embeddable on any website


Requires Google Cloud account
Dependent on Firebase infrastructure
No self-hosting
No VAT handling
Laura compliance pending
Data encryption standards unclear
Customization limited to visual aspects
No source code access
Unlimited bots and users costlier
Automated training only via domain URL


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