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Website chatbot for lead gen and automation.
Generated by ChatGPT

The Custom ChatGPT Chatbot is a tool that allows users to create and embed a chatbot on their website. The chatbot is generated by scraping the website and creating a custom Machine Learning model based on its content.

The tool offers various features and functionalities. It can be configured to automatically collect leads from the website, resulting in increased lead generation.

Additionally, it can automate up to 80% of customer support queries, providing accurate and polite responses within 30 seconds. Any questions it cannot answer are forwarded to the owner.The chatbot can be tailored to different industries such as real estate, hospitality, and healthcare.

In the real estate industry, emotional language and semantic AI search are utilized to help convert more website visitors. In the hospitality industry, the chatbot can serve as a tour guide, waiter, or tour operator.

In healthcare, the chatbot has been found to be more accurate and empathic than general physicians, providing a 24/7 availability.The tool also supports additional functionalities such as integrating with messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger, integrating with search engines, connecting with a SQL database, and browsing the web.

It offers superior website scraping capabilities, right-to-left language support, theme support, personality configuration, image display, and real-time information access.Furthermore, the tool provides an AI website search feature that allows users to implement a search function on their website.

It supports natural language queries, works with any language, and only shows results from the website itself.Overall, the Custom ChatGPT Chatbot is a versatile tool that enables the creation of personalized and efficient chatbots for various purposes.


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Pros and Cons


Lead collection automation
Automates customer support tasks
Tailored to industry-specific requirements
Provides accurate responses
Responds within 30 seconds
Supports integration with WhatsApp, Messenger
Supports Right-to-Left languages
Customizable theme
Customizable personality
Real-time information access
Calendar integration
Supports natural language queries
Superior website scraping capabilities
Integration with search engines
SQL database connection
Web browsing capability
Integration with messaging platforms
Image display
Data collection from users
Use of emotional language
Specialized for real estate, hospitality, healthcare
24/7 service availability
No-code setup
Embedded model on user website
Responds questions it cannot answer to owner
Integration with user CMS
Customer-requested personality configuration
Increased site visitor conversion
Supports data upload from various formats
PDF, XML, YAML, CSV file support
Superior machine learning model
Reduced customer support costs
700% increased lead generation
Personalized experience offers
Natural question handling
Only shows search results from user's site
Custom chatbot based on user data
Multi-model support
Provides unique chatbots
Responses based on user data
Enables cognitive assistant
Semantic search for upsell opportunity
Can act as sales executive, support assistant, CEO
Sales increase by 67%
Cost reduction by 30%
Supports any language
Access to real-time data


Scrapes and uses own website
Lead gen may not scale
Questions forwarded to owner
Unable to fully replace human customer support
Specialized in specific industries
No clear error handling
Customisation facet not clear
Data permission and privacy not clear
No apparent multi-language support


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