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Create your AI agent to sell and do customer service.
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GPT4Sales is a service that empowers businesses to create bespoke AI agents with the capacity to sell products and services as well as manage customer service needs.

This user-friendly platform enables businesses to deploy these AI agents on popular messaging platforms such as Telegram and Whatsapp. The AI agents are trained specifically on the business' own product and service information, utilizing data sources that may range from websites and PDFs, to plain text or product inventories.

This ensures that the AI agent is conversant with all the business's specifics and can deliver personalized customer interactions. It also eliminates the need for extensive programming knowledge on the part of the business.

The AI agents developed using GPT4Sales are pre-trained on effective sales techniques providing businesses a valuable tool in boosting sales, automating customer service, or managing bookings.

GPT4Sales offers a quick setup process, allowing a business to get their custom AI chatbot up and running in a few clicks.


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Pros and Cons


No-coding required
Personalized customer interactions
Channels: Telegram, Whatsapp
Pre-trained sales techniques
Quick setup process
Selling and customer service capabilities
Manages bookings
Automates business processes
Effective for boosting sales
Utilizes diverse data sources
User-friendly platform
Operates on messaging platforms
Reduce programming effort
Enhanced customer service experience
Ensures business specifics coverage


Limited to Telegram and Whatsapp
Reliant on business-specific data
No-coding might limit customization
Limited to sales chatbots
Data type input constraints
Potential privacy concerns
Limited to English interface
Specific pre-training might limit versatility
Quick setup might lack depth
No details on update frequency


What is GPT4Sales?
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Can GPT4Sales work without programming knowledge?
What are the pre-trained sales techniques in GPT4Sales?
How does GPT4Sales help boost sales?
How can GPT4Sales automate customer service?
Can GPT4Sales manage bookings?
How fast can I set up GPT4Sales?
Can I use GPT4Sales on Telegram and Whatsapp?
Is it possible to personalize customer interactions with GPT4Sales?
How do I create my AI agent with GPT4Sales?
How can I link my AI agent to Telegram and Whatsapp?
Does the AI agent need to be fed with data constantly?
What types of businesses can benefit from GPT4Sales?
What does the term 'no-coding' mean in context of GPT4Sales?
How is my AI agent conversant with my business specifics?
What is the process to get my custom AI chatbot up and running using GPT4Sales?

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