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Empowering teams through data analytics and chat.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI co-pilot tool designed for data scientists that enables them to 10x their data analytics process. The tool allows users to chat with their data like they are speaking with a favorite data analyst.

DataChat features an intelligent engine that can answer analytics questions and provide real-time insights in seconds. Users can ask any type of business-related query, and as long as the required data is included in the uploaded data set, the team can ask a wide range of questions.

The tool also has a chart creation feature that can manufacture charts instantly based on user’s requests. Data Chat is designed to make data-driven decision-making accessible to the entire team by allowing users to upload their data sets in a simple .csv file and then share the unique link with their team.Data Chat is secure and safe as it encrypts data and stores it securely on Amazon Web Services, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability.'s AI resources are numerous and include an AI posture monitoring tool, AI mock interview, AI resume optimizer, and a Learn SQL program. Pricing is based on a monthly subscription and users can sign up and get analytics done in minutes without being a code expert.In summary,’s Data Chat tool provides data scientists with an easy way to empower their teams with the data they need, when they need it while providing users with faster analytics and efficient chart creation, simplifying data analysis.


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Pros and Cons


Chat with data feature
Real-time analytics insights
Answers business-related queries
Customized chart creation
Accessible data-driven decision making
Encrypted data on AWS
Unique data set link sharing
Data analysis without coding
Subscription based pricing
Secure data sharing
Supports .csv file
Instant response to queries
Refines chart aesthetics
Allows team-wide data access
Monthly subscription pricing
Supports large data sets
Time efficient data analysis
Data confidentiality assurance
Automatic insight generation
Wide query versatility
Useful for data-scientists
Analytic process speed up 10x
SQL learning program


Only supports .csv files
Possibly oversimplified charting feature
Limited aesthetics customization options
Database integration not free
Size limit for .csv
No stated multilingual support
Reliance on user-provided datasets
Dependent on AWS security
Pricing not transparent
No on-premises hosting


What kind of questions can I ask Data Chat?
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In what format should I upload my data for use in Data Chat?
Can I share the data I've uploaded on Data Chat with my team?
How does Data Chat ensure the security of my data?
What other resources does provide aside from Data Chat?
Is there a limit to the size of the .csv file I can upload on Data Chat?
Does Data Chat offer its services for free?
How does use AI to amplify the data analytics process?
Is using Data Chat different from speaking with a data analyst?
Does Data Chat only work with data in .csv format?
In what way does Data Chat help data scientists?
How does’s Data Chat tool simplify data analysis?
Is there a subscription price for using the Data Chat tool?
How can’s Data Chat tool facilitate faster analytics?
How efficient is the chart creation process in Data Chat?
Can I control who has access to the data I upload to Data Chat?
Can I use Data Chat without being a code expert?
Where is the data I upload stored and how secure is this service?

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