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Predictive analytics and credit risk for finance.
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GiniMachine is a no-code AI decision-making platform that provides dedicated decision making software for business predictions. The platform is designed to reduce risks by up to 45%, improve credit portfolios, predict churn and retain customers, and reveal the value of data insights using automated decision-making algorithms.

GiniMachine's decision-making software works with raw or structured historical data and can prioritize certain fields or process datasets even with missing data.

The platform can process terabytes of historical data, build, validate, and deploy risk models in minutes, not days. GiniMachine provides solutions for credit risk management, credit scoring, application scoring, collection scoring, and predictive analytics, empowering collection businesses to prioritize debtors with a higher chance for fast payback.

The software simplifies application scoring by identifying creditworthy borrowers in various industries, enabling banks and fintech companies to leverage top-notch machine learning solutions to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional credit scoring.

GiniMachine is a full-fledged decision-making platform for predictive analytics that generates high performing risk management models and helps make informed and balanced decisions.

The platform gives banks access to highly technological risk management, and allows building models in a click. GiniMachine has been delivering reliable insights for financial services since 2016, helping fintech businesses of any size benefit from artificial intelligence that suggests risk and credit scoring models, which can be controlled to minimize risks, efforts, and time expenditures.


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Ginimachine was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-coding required
Risk reduction up to 45%
Improves credit portfolio
Predicts customer churn
Automated decision-making
Historical data processing
Handles missing data
Processes terabytes of data
Fast risk model deployment
Credit risk management
Application scoring
Collection scoring
Smart data prioritization
Accurate debtor prioritization
Simplifies application scoring
Identifies creditworthy borrowers
Eliminates traditional scoring drawbacks
Builds models in a click
Achieves high predictive power
Handles raw data
Detailed reports/insights
Single button full picture access
Minimizes risk, effort, time
Highly technological risk management
Ready for credit scoring calculations
Supports real-time predictions
One platform for Predictive Analytics
Used by banks, fintech companies
Tools for digital transformation
Delivers reliable financial insights
Established since 2016
SaaS (Software as a Service)
Friendly user interface
Fast performance
Auto Finance returns increase


No mobile application
No multilingual support
No live chat support
Requires historical data
Primarily serves finance industry
Limited customizability
No built-in data capture
No dedicated customer service


What is GiniMachine?
How does GiniMachine work with raw or structured data?
How much data can GiniMachine process?
What types of risk models does GiniMachine build?
How beneficial is GiniMachine for credit risk management?
How efficient is GiniMachine's solution for collection scoring?
How does GiniMachine's application scoring work?
How does GiniMachine improve traditional credit scoring?
Can GiniMachine work without preliminary data preparation?
How does GiniMachine help banks?
How do GiniMachine's predictive analytics work?
How does GiniMachine benefit financial services?
What does GiniMachine's decision-making platform offer?
Does GiniMachine offer a free trial?
Can machine learning solutions from GiniMachine help with thin-file borrowers?
What makes GiniMachine's interface friendly?
How does GiniMachine help in predicting churn and retaining customers?
In what way does GiniMachine reveal value of data insights?
What is the approach of GiniMachine to risk management?
How does GiniMachine help in reducing risks?

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