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ByWesley Liu
Delivering key insights on stocks for everyday investors.
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Sample prompts:
Retrieve Tesla's latest earnings call transcript, focusing on their electric vehicle production plans.
Analyze Apple's financial performance from the last quarter.
Provide highlights from Amazon's most recent earnings call, specifically regarding their cloud computing segment.
Compare Microsoft's revenue growth and profit margins over the past two fiscal years.
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BeeBee.AI is a GPT that focuses on providing key insights into the financial market, making it an essential tool for everyday investors. It analyses stocks, earnings calls, and financial reports, distilling complex financial jargon into informative insights.

The GPT facilitates a better understanding of financial data, empowering users to make informed investment decisions. Users may find themselves engaging with the GPT using versatile prompts such as obtaining transcripts from the latest earnings calls of a specific company, analyzing the financial performance of an enterprise for a specified period, highlighting area-specific information from earnings calls, or comparing revenue growth and profit margins of a corporation over a chosen time frame.

However, it is important to note that BeeBee.AI requires ChatGPT Plus, implying a level of feature exclusivity. Overall, BeeBee.AI is a promising tool that aids in the demystification of financial data, making investment information more accessible to the general public.


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