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Rapid insights from big data via queries.
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Athenic AI, formerly AskEdith, is revolutionizing data analysis:

- Unpacks the "Why" behind data instantly.
- Democratizes analytics for a dynamic data experience.
- Integrates data insights into daily workflows for data-driven decisions.
- Tailors insights to individual needs, beyond generic dashboards.
- Simplifies data analysis across various industries.
- Features a magic search bar for analyzing data from multiple sources.
- Empowers self-service analytics, increasing efficiency and reducing dependency.
- Compatible with every database, CRM, ERP, and application.

Experience the Athenic AI difference for a simplified, efficient, and empowering data analysis journey.
Athenic AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates SQL queries
Search-based analytics
Data-driven decisions support
Over hundred data integrations
Self-service analytics
Compatible with any database
Compatible with CRMs
Compatible with ERPs
Compatible with other apps
Reduction of IT dependency
Support of customized questions
Instant question answering
SQL usage without technical knowledge
Easy navigation even with large datasets
Safe and reliable data handling
Versatile for various industries
SOC2 Type 2 compliant
Streamlined approach to data analytics
SQL generation using conversational interface
On-demand data analysis
Comprehensive data source integration
Direct translation of questions into SQL
Operational efficiency improvement
Making data silos actionable


Lacks mobile app
No live chat support
Inadequate tutorials and documentation
No multi-language support
Limited integration features
Dependent on internet connectivity
No offline capabilities
Potential security concerns
Complex setup process
Potential accuracy issues


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Does Athenic AI require knowledge of SQL to operate effectively?
What industries can benefit from using Athenic AI?
What applications can I connect with Athenic AI?
How can Athenic AI help improve my business analytics?
Can I use Athenic AI for self-service analytics?
What is the Athenic AI SOC2 Type 2 compliance about?
Is there a demo available for Athenic AI?
Is there a wide range of data sources compatibible with Athenic AI?
How does Athenic AI translate questions into SQL?
Can Athenic AI generate graphs and data visualizations?
How can Athenic AI assist business leaders in decision making?
What recent updates are there about Athenic AI?

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