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Explore comprehensive student test datasets effortlessly.
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Zelma is an AI-powered research assistant specializing in U.S school testing data. The tool has broad applications for educators, policymakers, or researchers looking to explore, filter, and understand a comprehensive dataset across various parameters using plain language queries.

It effectively turns plain English questions into data-driven insights.Zelma's functionality covers a range of educational data inquiries, from comparing scores between states and school districts, analysing scores overtime, to discerning patterns based on different demographic identifiers like race/ethnicity.

It allows users to visualize these data sets with graphs and tables, facilitating easier comprehension of complex educational statistics and trends.The dominant strength of Zelma, however, lies in its user-friendly design.

Users can ask a question via simple text and the AI will analyze the question, process the relevant data and return the answer in the form of descriptions, tables, or graphs.

This makes the tool very accessible, eliminating the need for advanced technical know-how or expertise in data analysis to utilize correctly.Additionally, Zelma has prominent data sharing capabilities where users can share their insights via tweet links or embed the results, graphs and tables into blogs or any other web platforms, aiding in data dissemination to a wider audience.

Therefore, insights can be effectively communicated to the end user's targeted audience, making it a versatile tool for data-driven conversation and decision-making.


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Zelma was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Specializes in U.S school data
Enabled plain language queries
Converts English questions to insights
Covers range of educational inquiries
Allows score comparisons
Analyzes scores overtime
Patterns discernment based on demographics
Visualizes data with graphs/tables
Facilitates statistics/trends comprehension
User-friendly design
Answer in descriptions, tables, graphs
No need for technical expertise
Prominent data sharing capabilities
Shares results via tweet links
Embed results into web platforms
Aids in data dissemination
Communicates insights to targeted audience
Versatile for data-driven decision-making
Nearly comprehensive dataset
Filters data across various parameters


Limited to U.S data
No API for integration
Lacks multi-language support
Cannot customize visualizations
No downloadable data
Limited to educational data
Lacks real-time data updates
No multi-platform support
Reliance on plain text queries
No collaborative features


What is Zelma?
How does Zelma process plain English questions into data-driven insights?
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Can Zelma compare scores between different states and school districts?
Does Zelma analyze testing scores trends over time?
Can Zelma discern patterns based on demographic identifiers like race/ethnicity?
How does Zelma visualize data?
How user-friendly is Zelma's interface?
Do I need expertise in data analysis to use Zelma?
What data-sharing capabilities does Zelma have?
Can I share my insights from Zelma on social media or embed the results on web platforms?
What is the purpose of Zelma's data sharing feature?
How can Zelma aid in data-driven decision making?
What types of questions can I ask Zelma?
Can Zelma help me understand U.S school testing data?
How does Zelma support educational policy research?
Can Zelma convert a question into data?
Is Zelma a good tool for educational data analysis?
Does Zelma have any trend analysis capabilities?
How can Zelma support data communication in the educational field?


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