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Cloud content analysis and moderation.
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Hive is a cloud-based AI solution for understanding content, providing developers with pre-trained AI models to address complex content understanding needs and integrate them into their applications.

Hive’s AI models are used for content moderation, paywall enforcement, visual moderation, text moderation, audio moderation, demographic identification, logo and logo location identification, visual context identification, OCR, speech-to-text, translation, AI-generated media recognition, web search, custom search, copyright search, NFT search, contextual search, moderation dashboard, content moderation, sponsorship intelligence, ad intelligence, context-based ad targeting, and more.

With Hive, developers can unlock insights into visual, audio, and text content with human-level accuracy and machine-level efficiency. Their AI models are trusted by hundreds of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies, including online communities, dating apps, NFT platforms, marketplaces, brands, publishers, teams, and leagues.


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Hive was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based solution
Variety of application integrations
Used for content moderation
Effective for paywall enforcement
Visual moderation capabilities
Text moderation capabilities
Audio moderation capabilities
Demographic identification available
Logo and logo location identification
Visual context identification
OCR capabilities
Speech-to-text feature
Translation capabilities
Web search features
Custom search capabilities
Copyright search tool
NFT search feature
Contextual search capability
Moderation dashboard provided
Sponsorship intelligence feature
Ad intelligence tool
Context-based ad targeting
Trusted by large-scale companies
Useful for online communities
Efficient for dating apps
Applicable to NFT platforms
Appropriate for marketplaces
Brand recognition capabilities
Publisher application integration
Team and league proficiencies
Visual, audio, and text insights
Human-level accuracy
Machine-level efficiency
Content tagging API
Intelligent search APIs
Real-time moderation
Real-time transcription
Real-time translation
Cross-platform ad analysis
Digital ownership enforcement
Sponsorship and branded measurement
Automated ad standards review
Custom media library search
Natural language search on images
Monetization of ad inventory
Screening user-generated content
Visual similarity search


No offline functionality
Lacks intuitive user interface
Limited language support
May raise privacy concerns
Inefficiency in handling large datasets
Potential accuracy issues
Limited customization options
No real-time support or troubleshooting
High computational demands


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What is the Hive moderation dashboard and what can it do?
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Can Hive identify logos and logo locations?
What is Hive's demographic feature useful for?
Can Hive work with audio content?
In what ways can dating apps benefit from Hive?
What is the purpose of Hive's sponsorship intelligence feature?
How does Hive help with context-based ad targeting?

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