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Use data to create stunning reports on product development.
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Stepsize AI is an AI-powered tool designed to build intuitive and insightful dashboards from data derived from Jira boards or Linear teams. The primary goal of this tool is to streamline product development by generating detailed reports that deliver actionable metrics and charts.

Accompanied with AI-generated commentary, these reports help users understand their data stories and get aligned on sprint themes and goals, contributing to effective decision-making.

The AI uses the structure of your epics to identify themes among all your tasks, providing an overall picture and specific details of the work completed.

The solution promises a zero setup feature, meaning it automatically generates dashboards tailored to your teams and projects without necessitating manual setup.

It also claims to provide complete visibility over important matters for prompt action, keeping everyone on the team aligned. Stepsize prides itself on its commitment to data security.

Users can choose exactly what channels, projects, and repositories to include in their updates while also ensuring that user data is never used to train any Large Language Models (LLMs).

The software features robust 256-bit encryption for data safety.

Stepsize AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Intuitive dashboards
Insightful reports
Actionable metrics and charts
Sprint theme identification
Streamlines product development
Zero setup feature
Complete project visibility
256-bit encryption
Data security commitment
Selectable data sources
No use of user data for training
Automated dashboard generation
Task theme detection
Detailed work overview
Team alignment support
Jira and Linear integration
Timely action facilitation
Stakeholder alignment
Detailed sprint summary
Kanban progress report
Strategic executive report
Designed for product engineering
Supports daily standups
Non-templated insights
Digestible team and project updates
Plain language data commentary
Progress flow visualization
Customizable report content


Only works with Jira and Linear
Lacks custom setup options
May oversimplify complex data
Limited task theme identification
Visibility restrictions may limit insights
No explicit user-defined data filters
No mention of multi-platform support
Doesn't support other project management tools
Lack of user interface customization


What is Stepsize AI?
What is the purpose of Stepsize AI?
How does Stepsize AI integrate with Jira and Linear?
What kind of reports does Stepsize AI generate?
What unique features does Stepsize AI offer?
How does Stepsize AI contribute to decision-making in product development?
How does Stepsize AI ensure data security?
What is the 'zero setup feature' of Stepsize AI?
What does Stepsize AI mean by providing 'complete visibility'?
Can I choose what to include in my Stepsize AI updates?
Will my user data be used to train any Large Language Models (LLMs)?
What encryption standard does Stepsize AI use for data safety?
How does Stepsize AI identify themes among tasks?
Can Stepsize AI customize dashboards for individual teams and projects?
What kind of commentary does Stepsize AI provide on generated reports?
How can Stepsize AI benefit daily standups and team sync?
Can Stepsize AI provide an executive summary of product engineering?
Do I get a free trial with Stepsize AI?
What are stepsize AI pricing options?
Is there a resource or blog to learn more about Stepsize AI?

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