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AI that unlocks your company's internal knowledge.
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Dash AI is an Enterprise AI Knowledge Assistant developed by Dashworks. It's primarily designed to expedite the discovery of internal company information using AI-powered search functionality.

The product offers the ability to pose questions in natural language and receive coherent and accurate answers, bringing a conversational AI element to a companys tech stack.

Dash AI sources its responses from across the connected apps, ensuring comprehensive answers that are verifiable and trustworthy. Also, its functionality improves with continuous human feedback.

Dash AI's search operates across multiple areas such as code, pull requests, issues, CRM data, emails, shared drives, team chats, marketing automation tools, project management platforms, tickets, knowledge base tools, and messaging apps.

Therefore, this tool is particularly useful for areas like engineering, sales, marketing, and customer support within a company. Additionally, Dash AI offers smooth integrations with a broad range of applications in a company's tech stack, including but not limited to HubSpot, Intercom, JIRA, Quip, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

This makes it a powerful tool for institutional knowledge management and ensuring efficient team performance.


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Dec 12, 2023
Dash AI has saved me countless hours. It has proven to be more useful than chatgpt or any other AI tool I've tried.
Dec 12, 2023
Just love it! My go-to product for work questions :)
Dec 11, 2023
It was easy to setup/onboard

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Dash AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Natural language search
Multi-platform search
Regular functionality improvement
Integrates with various apps
Institutional knowledge management
Answers verifiable and trustworthy
Sources from connected apps
CRM data search
Email search
Shared drive search
Slack integration
Microsoft Teams integration
JIRA integration
Quip integration
Salesforce integration
HubSpot integration
Intercom integration
Improved team performance
Customer support enhancement
Marketing tool
Internal Information Discovery
Business Intelligence
SOC-2 compliant
GDPR compliant
Minimal data indexing
Rigorous access control
Data encryption
Useful for several areas: engineering, sales, marketing, customer support
Bing and GPT4 integration
Enhanced search across apps
Summarizes results into coherent answers
Reliable and accurate answer
Superior search capacity
Search across project management platforms
Search across marketing automation tools
Optimized for team chats
Search related to issues and pull requests
Code search capability
Quick and precise results
Works across multiple messaging apps
Search across tickets
Knowledge base integration
Search across shared drives
Immediate value upon app linking
Fetch context and files across emails
Chat with web capacity


Depends widely on integrations
Limited to internal data
Need continuous human feedback
Limited language processing
No explicit offline functionality
Real-time indexing, latency issues
Security depends on third-party apps


What is Dash AI?
How does Dash AI work?
How can Dash AI help expedite the discovery of internal company information?
Can I ask Dash AI questions in natural language?
From what sources does Dash AI gather its responses?
What platforms can Dash AI search across?
How is Dash AI useful for sales teams?
Is Dash AI helpful for customer support teams?
Can Dash AI integrate with our company's existing applications like Salesforce, Slack, or Microsoft Teams?
Does Dash AI get better with continuous feedback?
How does Dash AI contribute to institutional knowledge management?
Can Dash AI search within code and pull requests?
Is Dash AI capable of searching through CRM data?
How does Dash AI enhance efficiency within marketing teams?
Can Dash AI aid in debugging code?
How does Dash AI handle internal information discovery?
Does Dash AI offer any security features for data protection?
Can Dash AI function in parallel with project management platforms?
Can Dash AI search through shared drives and emails?
Does Dash AI offer integration with HubSpot or Intercom?

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