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ByRui Na
Your strategic advisor for business management decisions and insights.
GPT welcome message: 您好,我是专门制作统计图表的战略咨询顾问,如何为您服务?
Sample prompts:
最新热门商业话题!(key Word:search)
快速分析、归纳商业信息要点(Key points+MECE)
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Strategic Management Consultant is a GPT that is designed to perform as a business management strategy consulting advisor. The main functionalities of this AI tool involve strategic decision-making, execution, information gathering, analysis, and providing insightful business knowledge.

From the source text, it can be inferred that the GPT is potentially capable of creating multiple types of charts as well as generating various documents as specified by the user.

This implies that it is a versatile tool equipped to visually represent data and compile information in an organized and digestible format. Further capabilities can be glimpsed through the prompt starters.

They suggest that the tool can guide users in decision-making with respect to specific issues. It also hints on guiding users in project execution. This tool could be extremely beneficial for business leaders and strategists seeking to enhance their decision-making process with informed insights and data-driven evidence.

The tool requires the usage of ChatGPT Plus, signaling that it is a more advanced version than the generic ChatGPT software. As a caveat, it seems to operate primarily in Mandarin language.


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