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Business Generator AI is an AI-based tool that helps users generate business ideas by answering a set of questions related to various aspects of a business, such as target customers, revenue models, technology, industry, investment, competition, expertise level, environmental impact, and regulatory compliance.

The tool provides users with a range of options to choose from in each category, and based on their inputs, generates a customized business idea.The target customers can be either Business-to-Customer or Business-to-Business, and the revenue model can be based on various pricing structures and sources, such as Subscription, Advertising, Commission, Product or Service Sales, Freemium, or Usage Based.

The technology options include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Geolocation, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Digital Products, Marketplace, Machine Learning, Robotics, or 3D Printing.Users can choose from a range of industries, such as Technology, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation, Retail, Food, Entertainment, Home, or Environment.

The tool also considers the level of competition in the chosen market or industry, the initial investment required, expertise level, environmental impact, and regulatory compliance.Overall, Business Generator AI provides users with a structured approach to generating business ideas with the help of AI technology, making it a valuable tool for entrepreneurs, startup founders, or anyone looking to explore new business opportunities.

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Apr 14, 2024
The website is pretty good but there are only a limited number of responses
Dec 27, 2023
Rated it
Stupid premise. It needs and interview process, not just a bunch of buttons. And then they want $1,499 for their AI generated business concept. Hubris for sale.

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Pros and Cons


Customized idea generation
Structured approach
B2B/B2C targeting options
Multiple revenue model options
Wide industry options
Competition evaluation
Initial investment considerations
Expertise level filter
Environmental impact considerations
Regulatory compliance selection
Multi-language output
User-friendly interface
Option to generate multiple ideas
Useful for different expertise levels
Cutting-edge technology options
Inclusive of current market trends
Supports sustainability-focused businesses
Consideration of startup funding
Versatile for various industries
Ideal for exploratory brainstorming
Facilitates strategic decision-making
Current competition analysis
Promotes eco-friendly business ideas
Addresses regulatory hurdles
Supports multilingual users
Encourages broad revenue streams
Simplifies startup ideation process
Uses market insights
Variety in business models
Comprehensive strategic planning tool
Exposure to evolving tech trends
Detailed business ideation
Allows for environmental consciousness
Addresses wide user demographics
Accessible startup planning
Flexible idea generation
Contribution to sustainable enterprise
Supports diversified revenue concepts
Digital marketplace compatibility
Features disruptive technology concepts
Interactive brainstorming tool
Investment planning support
Ability to specify customer demographics
Encourages innovative tech development
Enhanced user engagement
Rapid idea development
User-guided ideation process
Robotic automation insights
3D printing business concepts


Limited to provided options
No idea editing function
No idea sharing capabilities
No data import/export option
No multi-user support
Lacks idea refining options
Missing advanced filter capabilities
No user customisation options
No offline functionality


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What industries can be chosen for business ideas in the Business Generator AI?
How does the tool handle competition in the selected market or industry?
Does Business Generator AI estimate the initial investment required for the business?
Could you explain how Business Generator AI assesses expertise levels?
Does the tool take into account the environmental impact of the business idea?
How does the Business Generator AI handle regulatory compliance issues?
Can the Business Generator AI operate in multiple languages?
Can you change the language of the response in the Business Generator AI?
Who is the creator of Business Generator AI?
How can I give feedback on Business Generator AI?
Where else I can find information about Business Generator AI?
Does the Business Generator AI consider the element of a marketplace in technological options?
Does the Business Generator AI consider sustainable and ecological businesses?
Is the Business Generator AI tool useful for startup founders?
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