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Byyongchun li
Inspiring startup ideas with GPT.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's explore GPT-based business ideas within a 1000-token limit per exchange.
Sample prompts:
Recommend five GPT S apps by others with great potential.
Suggest innovative ways to use GPT in education.
Explore how GPT can revolutionize healthcare.
Discuss GPT's impact on creative industries.
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GPT Startup Inspiration is a specialized tool developed upon the foundation of OpenAI's ChatGPT. This GPT is designed to generate and discuss creative business ideas that can potentially be implemented using GPT.

It operates within a limit of 1000 tokens per exchange. The startup-focused GPT is positioned as a valuable resource for both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals seeking inspiration for startup ideas that leverage AI technology.

This tool not only recommends potential GPT applications, it also suggests beneficial ways to incorporate such technology into various sectors like education, healthcare, and creative industries.

The GPT Startup Inspiration tool facilitates dialogues on how GPT can revolutionize these fields, fostering an environment that enables AI-driven innovation and transformation.

Users are required to sign up with ChatGPT Plus to access this tool, making it a tailored service for those interested in AI-powered entrepreneurship.


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