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ByMax Appold
Generates creative, niche business ideas with high demand
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to explore some unique business ideas?
Sample prompts:
Give me a unique business idea.
What's a niche market that's overlooked?
Suggest a creative product that can be profitable.
I need an unconventional service idea.
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Business Ideator is a GPT that aims to generate inventive and niche business ideas with high demand. This tool is designed to facilitate the brainstorming process for entrepreneurs, innovators, or anyone looking to dive into the world of business and needing inspiration on viable business concepts.

The GPT interacts with users and delivers up creative ideas based on specified or open-ended requirements. It can suggest unique business ideas, bring up overlooked niche markets, propose creative and potentially profitable products, and come up with novel and unconventional service ideas.

Business Ideator uses GPT technology to serve a diverse range of business-related prompts, enabling users to widen their perspective and explore sustainable and demanding business options from a fresh, innovative perspective.

This tool requires ChatGPT Plus for operation and offers a user-friendly interface for easy engagement and interaction. It is a functional tool that lends itself to the creative process of business ideation, contributing substantially to the initial steps of venturesome entrepreneurial activities.


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