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The Informly Idea Validator is an AI-powered tool designed to assist entrepreneurs in validating their business ideas instantly. Users provide a detailed description of their business idea, and the AI system generates a comprehensive analysis report validating the idea.

The tool analyses various aspects of a business idea, including business viability, target audience, ideal team, business model, and more. It is intended to save weeks of manual work as it swiftly generates validation reports.

The tool also offers a suite of 10 meticulously crafted actionable plans designed to guide users in transforming their ideas into reality. These plans aim to provide clear, step-by-step guidance across vital aspects like pitch deck preparation, MVP roadmap creation, landing page blueprint generation, launch strategy formulation, and more.

Additionally, the tool has AI business advisors that provide personalized, data-driven advice to improve business strategies. The tool is designed to validate business ideas within minutes instead of weeks, thus saving time, aiding in faster go-to-market strategies, and boosting confidence in business ideas.

It aims to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional research methods, thus saving money. Users can easily navigate the platform without any technical jargon or complex processes.


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Mar 1, 2024
Honestly, just fantastic. So quick and simple to use. It validated my idea, gave me the reassurance I was searching for but also provided so much detail, in depth, on strategy. The bonus was a few extra points of analysis I hadn’t covered yet! Thanks informly :)
Feb 22, 2024
Idea Validator is a fabulous tool that covers all the aspects of starting a business in a complete and detailed report, organised into sections that will make you think about all the different components of your new venture. The website's interface is fantastic - it's smooth and easy to use, and you can easily go into reports to edit them as you need. Your reports are neatly organised on your dashboard. Idea Validator makes sure you don't miss anything out, especially if you don't know what questions to ask or what factors you need to consider when starting a new business. There are also reports that take you through the steps of launch, marketing, and more.
Feb 21, 2024
We´ve been struggling for a couple of years with a clear roadmap for a project that scales and monetizes the work we do as a non profit in Mexico, and using Informly gave us a lot of inputs we had not seen, a roadmap and great insights to implement the whole project that will help our organization to have a sustainable revenue model, for $29.99 once... Loved it. THANKS!
Feb 19, 2024
If I have a business idea, why would I share it with lots of other people who are looking for business ideas?
Feb 20, 2024
Hi Kevin, the submitted ideas won’t be shared with anyone as per our confidentiality guarantee. Also your data is not used for AI training so rest assured that your ideas are safe.
Feb 20, 2024
Edisa, thanks for the reply. Didn't know about the confidentiality guarantee.

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Pros and Cons


Instant business idea validation
Generates comprehensive analysis reports
Analyzes various business aspects
Saves weeks of manual work
Offers 10 actionable plans
Personalized, data-driven advice
Faster go-to-market strategies
Cost-effective alternative to traditional research
User-friendly navigation
Idea Validator saves money
Boosts confidence in business ideas
45+ Pages of In-depth analysis
Analyses 18 critical business dimensions
Business viability score provision
Intuitive and user-friendly UI
Minimizes idea validation risks
Detailed industry and audience insights
Aids in understanding competitive landscape
Helps in positioning product effectively
Early flaws and weaknesses detection
Enables faster iterations of idea
Customer needs and preference alignment
Provides strategic development timeline
Helps in building compelling landing page
Comprehensive launch strategy formulation
Innovative cost-effective growth tactics
Systematic sales approach guidance
Robust financial planning enablement
Persuasive investor pitch deck assistance
Strategic guide through investment landscape
Pivot strategies reservoir creation
Tailored insight for specific industries
Actionable insights for swift decisions
Helps in capitalizing on emerging opportunities
Accelerates idea validation process
Quality drafting and formatting of reports
Helps to assess business viability
Directly relevant insights for unique business
Secures confidentiality and idea safety
Provides reports in downloadable PDF format
Reports customized to user's business goals


No offline mode
No multi-language support
Provides only PDF format
No data import options
No direct customer service
Results depend on user input
Limited report customization
Lacks third-party integrations
No plan comparison tool
No desktop application


What is the Informly Idea Validator?
How does the Informly Idea Validator work?
What aspects of a business idea does the Informly Idea Validator analyze?
How does the Informly Idea Validator save weeks of manual work?
What are the 10 actionable plans offered by the Informly Idea Validator?
What is the role of the AI business advisors in the Informly Idea Validator?
How much time does the Informly Idea Validator save in validating a business idea?
What makes the Informly Idea Validator cost-effective compared to traditional research methods?
How user-friendly is the Informly Idea Validator platform?
How can Informly Idea Validator assist in creating a go-to-market strategy?
What is the process of getting a comprehensive analysis report from the Informly Idea Validator?
How does the Informly Idea Validator ensure 100% satisfaction and confidentiality guarantee?
Can I ask specific questions to the AI advisors on the Informly Idea Validator platform?
How detailed should my business idea description be for the Informly Idea Validator?
Is the Informly Idea Validator suitable for any type of startup idea?
What kind of data-driven advice can the AI business advisors provide?
Can the Informly Idea Validator help in MVP roadmap creation?
Can I use the Informly Idea Validator for preparing a pitch deck?
How does the Informly Idea Validator assist in boosting confidence in my business idea?
Does the Informly Idea Validator provide a business plan creation suite?


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