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Generates business ideas based on keyword interests.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Hustlemaker! What are your interests?
Sample prompts:
Create a business idea based on my interests.
Give me side hustle ideas based on my passions and skills I've gained from previous roles.
I love dogs, fitness and meeting new people.
Generate a small business idea for 'cooking and indigenous cultures'
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HustleMaker is a specialized GPT that aims to aid potential or existing entrepreneurs in generating unique business ideas based on keywords that represent their interests.

This utility integrates with ChatGPT and coolly exemplifies the inventive use of AI to foster innovation and inspire creativity within entrepreneurship.

HustleMaker has the ability to inform the user about various business opportunities within parameters defined by the user's interests, passions, skills or specific domains they wish to explore, whether they're generic or quite unique like 'dogs' or 'indigenous cultures'.

Potential prompts to kickstart the interaction include phrases like 'Create a business idea based on my interests' or 'Generate a small business idea for 'cooking and indigenous cultures''.

The GPT could also be asked to suggest side hustle opportunities based on the user's skills and past experiences. HustleMaker could be a valuable tool to entrepreneurs seeking to diversify their endeavours or new business aspirants looking for guidance in choosing their niche.

The tool resonates well with the ideology of leveraging AI for idea generation, particularly within the entrepreneurial landscape.


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