Business management 2022-05-05
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Providing custom AI chat and voice bots for businesses
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Tovie AI provides a wide range of AI-powered solutions specifically designed to improve engagement and service for businesses across several industries.

Their offerings include custom chatbots and voice bots which can be applied to varied uses such as customer support in contact centers, public services, hospitality and insurance among others.

The software also allows for seamless interaction with corporate data, improving business optimization potential. They propose tailored solutions for debt collection and enhanced retail services with a shop assistant feature.

Their technology can also easily be adapted by mobile operators and applied in the banking sector. Keeping security as top priority, Tovie AIs financial services are certified valid and compliant with IBM.

As part of their mission to boost digital business growth, Tovie AI presents a unique Generative AI expertise which can transform data into actionable insights, as demonstrated in their work with the University of Lincoln.

They offer Tovie Platform and Tovie Cloud among their products. Overall, Tovie AI has shown strategic use of AI to drive businesses forward, as reflected in their success stories.


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Pros and Cons


Custom chatbots
Custom voice bots
Seamless data interaction
Business optimization potential
Tailored debt collection solutions
Enhanced retail services
Versatile use cases
Banking sector adaptability
Enhanced security measures
IBM compliant
Data transformation into insights
Provided platform and cloud
Unique shop assistant feature
Useful in many industries
Successful case studies
Hospitality assistance
Insurance bot assistance
Callback assistance
Bank assistance
Government solutions
Validated for security
Proven University use case
Digital business growth booster
Advanced data agent
Improved public services
Debt collections bot
Cost reduction with bots
ChatGPT-based solution
Wide range of partners
Value-driven innovations
User journey alignment
Risk mitigation
Effective business guide
Time-to-market efficiency boosted
Business edge through speed
Successful customer testimonials
24/7 support offered
Informed business decisions
Detailed business case provision
Strategic investment decisions
User-centric project approach
Smooth conversational experiences
Mobile PA solutions
Comprehensive industry coverage


Limited to certain industries
Dependent on IBM compliance
Data privacy and security limitations
No explicit multi-language support
Lacks third-party integrations
Customizability could be complex
Lack of user reviews
Potential high implementation costs
Inadequate transparency on features


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What is the Tovie Cloud?
Can Tovie AI be adapted for use by mobile operators?
What kind of solutions does Tovie AI offer for retail services?
What is the Generative AI expertise presented by Tovie AI?
How did Tovie AI work with the University of Lincoln?
What is Tovie AI's approach to data interaction?
How does Tovie AI propose to improve business engagement and services?
Can Tovie AI be used in the public service sector?
What insurance services does Tovie AI provide?
What are some success stories of Tovie AI?
How does Tovie AI's technology improve business optimization potential?
Can Tovie AI be used in the hospitality industry?

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