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FlowChai is a premier Business AI system that empowers businesses to increase productivity and growth. The tool offers advanced features for automation and productivity, including scheduled tasks, flow reports, scheduled reports, data upload, email reports, and data extraction.

With FlowChai, users can effortlessly capture data on a regular basis, monitor their company's digital footprint, and generate multiple reports from varied data inputs with just a few clicks.

The tool supports the uploading of virtually any file type and enables the extraction of valuable data points using advanced AI capabilities.One of the key benefits of FlowChai is its ability to automate content generation at scale.

By utilizing advanced OpenAI GPT models, FlowChai converts business needs into engaging content, such as social media posts and product descriptions, with high-quality and rapid output.FlowChai also offers seamless AI integration, providing easy and quick access to advanced AI capabilities that cater to both beginner and expert users.

The tool optimizes workflows effectively, supporting system integration and complex AI strategies.FlowChai offers different pricing plans to suit various business needs, ranging from a free plan to enterprise-level subscriptions.

Report credits are used for generating reports, and the tool provides ample storage for data, including PDFs, Word Docs, and web pages.Overall, FlowChai is a powerful AI tool that helps businesses unlock their data's potential, streamline workflows, generate compelling content, and achieve efficient automation.


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Oct 25, 2023
Love FlowChai. I save so much time on writing content for my website.
Oct 25, 2023
Fantastic service, huge productivity booster

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