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Unlock business intelligence power with AI dashboards.
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Profit Leap is a specialized AI tool that enables the consolidation and efficient management of business intelligence. It assists entrepreneurs and small businesses in implementing data-driven decisions.

Its AI-powered dashboards are designed to integrate with your business metrics and deliver customizable insights specific to your unique business needs.

This provides a unified interface for monitoring activities across all business departments in real-time, essentially aiding in strategic decision making and foresight.

Additionally, Profit Leap also offers the unique assistance of fractional CFO and CEO guidance. In the tool, you can freely connect to third-party apps expanding its functionality and versatility.

The AI also introduces a business advisor named Huxley. This advisor is developed to directly work with your business metrics providing tailored feedback and insights.

Overall, Profit Leap is designed to empower entrepreneurs, enhancing their ability to drive their business forward, informed by a detailed, broad spectrum view of their operation.


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Profit Leap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 24th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Consolidates business intelligence
Aids strategic decision making
Real-time activity monitoring
Customizable insights
Supports third-party integrations
Fractional CFO and CEO guidance
All-in-one business interface
Designed for entrepreneurs and SMEs
Enhances data-driven decision making
Provides detailed operational view
Enables efficient management of business
Enhances business foresight
Broadens tool functionality and versatility
Responsive dashboard
Integrates with business metrics
Connects all business departments
Trusted by many entrepreneurs


Limited third-party app integration
Reliance on advisor 'Huxley'
No mobile app
Doesn't support multiple languages
CEO/CFO guidance not scalable
Lacks industry-specific customization
No open-source community support
Lack of peer-reviewed algorithm
No predictive modeling features
Requires manual data input


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