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Analyzed legal, political, and regulatory data.
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FiscalNote is an AI-driven intelligence tool in the legal, political, and regulatory domain. As OpenAI’s only launch partner in this domain, FiscalNote extends its leadership in the application of AI to laws and regulations.

It offers various solutions by need, including Geopolitical & Market Intelligence, Public Policy & Issues Management, Advocacy, Constituent Services, ESG Solutions, Peer Insights, and AI-Driven Intelligence, as well as by role, including Global Government Relations, Federal Government Relations, State Government Relations, Local Government Relations, Grassroots Advocacy, Government Agencies, Congressional Offices, Public and External Affairs, and Legal & Compliance Executives.

The tool's products include FiscalNote Core, FiscalNote State, FiscalNote Global, EU Issue Tracker, and Professional Services. FiscalNote's AI-driven intelligence tools aim to transform unstructured data, identify and label images and videos, and extract value and insights from datasets to drive business decisions.

Its tailored products and solutions can be applied to various industries, including Cannabis, Corporate Policy & DEIBA, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Education, Energy & Environment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Infrastructure & Transportation, Manufacturing, Software & Technology, and Telehealth.

FiscalNote's Geopolitical & Market Intelligence solutions offer expert geopolitical analysis and advice from Oxford Analytica, power market monitoring and strategic planning from FrontierView, reveal early indications of geopolitical, economic, and security risks through pattern monitoring from Predata, and actionable intelligence on corporate security, risk analysis, and crisis risk management from Dragonfly.

Similarly, its Public Policy & Issue Management solutions provide state, EU, and global tracking solutions from FiscalNote Core, FiscalNote State, FiscalNote Global, and EU Issue Tracker, bill and policy insights, and Congress At Your Fingertips from CQ Federal, CQ News, and Congressional Directories, Australian legislation search and tracking from Timebase, risk monitoring and local government opportunities from Curate and critical stories about public policy from Roll Call Newsroom.

FiscalNote's Advocacy solutions enable launching advocacy campaigns to lawmakers using VoterVoice, centralised system management for managing donations using PACbuilder, contacting Congress and supporting advocacy efforts with Knowlegis, and micro-targeting networks to amplify messages from Advocate Acquisition.

Its Constituent Services solutions build stronger relationships with constituents using Fireside and ESG solutions help take charge of ESG strategy using Equilibrium.

FiscalNote's Peer Insights solutions involve developing ideas that drive thought leadership from senior executives using FiscalNote Executive Institute, engaging, problem-solving, and networking using, and AI-driven intelligence tools such as FiscalNote AI Solutions, DataHunt, and Aicel Technologies.


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FiscalNote was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Tailored solutions by need
Tailored solutions by role
Geopolitical & Market Intelligence
Public Policy & Issues Management
Advocacy tools
Constituent Services solutions
ESG Solutions
Peer Insights solutions
Global Government Relations tools
Federal Government Relations tools
State Government Relations tools
Local Government Relations tools
Grassroots Advocacy tools
Government Agencies tools
Congressional Offices tools
Public and External Affairs tools
Legal & Compliance Executives tools
Empowers data-driven business decisions
Transforms unstructured data
Identify and label multimedia
Extracts insights from datasets
Actionable intelligence on corporate security
Risk analysis and crisis management
Market monitoring and strategic planning
Risk monitoring and local government opportunities
Tailored to various industries
Professional Services offerings
Insights for Cannabis industry
Insights for Corporate Policy & DEIBA
Insights for Cryptocurrency industry
Insights for Cybersecurity industry
Insights for Data Privacy sector
Insights for Education sector
Insights for Energy & Environment sector
Insights for Financial Services sector
Insights for Healthcare industry
Insights for Infrastructure & Transportation sector
Insights for Manufacturing sector
Insights for Software & Technology sector
Insights for Telehealth sector
ESG strategy management
Builds stronger relationships with constituents
Micro-targeting networks for messaging amplification
State, EU, and Global tracking solutions
Future product development insights from user interaction
User experiences enhancement
Efficiency improvement for customers


Complex interface
Various product needs
Unclear pricing structure
Integration difficulties
No Android app
Potential data privacy issues
Limited industry application
Excessive features
No Chinese language support
Doesn't support CRM integration

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