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Improved decision-making and efficiency for businesses.
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Akooda is a groundbreaking Ops Intelligence Platform that provides companies with a comprehensive understanding of their internal digital footprint. Powered by AI, Akooda's engine analyzes core business elements including processes, people, customers, and resources to deliver insights that answer critical business questions.

This platform allows teams to connect and collaborate seamlessly, streamlining operations and enabling faster decision-making.Akooda integrates with existing SaaS tools, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring that all business units and disciplines can communicate effectively.

The platform prioritizes security and privacy, providing essential tools to enhance productivity while maintaining data protection.With Akooda, users can quickly access information across their company's digital footprint, including communication channels, project management apps, HRIS systems, and CRM platforms.

Real-time alerts inform users of anomalies and potential challenges, allowing them to address issues proactively. Customizable dashboards, metrics, events, and objectives provide an in-depth understanding of key business areas, such as customer churn and pricing.Akooda is designed to focus on what's truly important, delivering a curated view of essential information personalized for each user.

The platform seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and offers plugins for popular tools like Slack, ensuring a smooth transition for teams.Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight Akooda's effectiveness in improving operational efficiency, decision-making capabilities, and resource allocation.

By unlocking hidden opportunities and providing actionable insights, Akooda empowers companies to thrive in a fast-paced, data-driven environment.Overall, Akooda revolutionizes operations intelligence, providing companies with the tools they need to gain deep insights into their internal processes and drive business success.


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Akooda was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive internal digital footprint
Streamlines operations
Fast decision-making
Integrates with existing SaaS
Eliminates manual data entry
Prioritizes data security
Enhances productivity
Real-time alerts system
Customizable dashboards
In-depth business insights
Focuses on essential info
Seamless workflow integration
Offers plugins for tools
Improves operational efficiency
Unlocks hidden opportunities
Actionable insights delivery
Easy access to info
Communication channels integration
Project management apps integration
HRIS systems integration
CRM platforms integration
Collaboration optimized
View personalization
Smooth transition assured
Answers critical business questions
Analyzes core business elements
Resource allocation improvement
Updates on anomalies
Enhanced visibility into operations
Real-time challenge notifications
Tools to track objectives
Insights into customer churn
Pricing insights and analysis
Prioritizes security and privacy
User-specific info view
Integration with Slack
Work-effort diagnosis
Ops Intelligence Platform
Event and metrics customization
Access to company snapshot
Increased data accessibility
Unbiased company snapshot
Alignment and action guidance
Reduction of internal search time
Enhanced understanding of operations
Insights into resource effectiveness


Over-reliance on existing SaaS
Potential security issues
Depends on user digital footprint
Alert system not specified
Limited to internal processes
Collaboration depends on integration
Unknown support channels
No offline mode
Limited customization of dashboards


What core business elements does Akooda analyze?
How does Akooda help to streamline operations?
What SaaS tools does Akooda integrate with?
How does Akooda ensure data security and privacy?
What kind of insights does Akooda provide about my company's digital footprint?
Which communication channels, project management apps, HRIS systems, and CRM platforms can Akooda access?
How are real-time alerts generated and what do they indicate?
Can I customize the dashboards, metrics, events, and objectives in Akooda?
How does Akooda assist in decision-making processes?
What plugins does Akooda offer for my existing tools?
What are the benefits of Akooda according to customer testimonials?
What kind of problems can Akooda help to identify and address?
How can Akooda help to optimize resource allocation?
Does Akooda require manual data entry?
How does the Akooda platform aid in collaboration between teams?
What kind of data does Akooda use to generate insights?
How can Akooda help to manage customer churn and pricing?
Does Akooda offer any tools or features specifically for improving productivity?
How does Akooda fit into my existing workflows?
What does it mean that Akooda was selected to showcase at the 2023 TechCrunch Battlefield?

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