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Your personal virtual data analyst, powered by AI.
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TextQL serves as a personal, virtual data analyst designed for enterprises. This AI-driven platform allows users to seek business insights through natural English queries.

TextQL's technology, embodied by the AI named Ana, constructs comprehensive analyses, creates visual representations of data, and generates robust models.

The unique feature of TextQL is its integration within a team's preexisting data platforms, which enables Ana to function where the team is already active.

This includes collaborating through platforms like Slack and Teams.TextQL finds its usability across business intelligence systems, serving as a primary point of contact to locate any metric or dashboard.

Moreover, it prevents redundancy in dashboard creation by retrieving any existing dashboard. Ana can also manage an enterprise's entire data catalog. It can index various locations where messy metadata might be stored, surface definitions from any stored location with verified links, and recognize different definitional uses across teams.TextQL employs a language learning model fluent in SQL and Python and can be configured to adhere to any compliance standard.

This allows for secure and compliant deployments. Workflows are designed to suit an organization's needs, and industry-leading guardrails enable data anonymization, ensuring privacy.

This makes TextQL a powerful tool with expansive data integration, analysis, and management capabilities that cater to various industries.


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TextQL was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with existing platforms
Collaborates via Slack, Teams
Eliminates dashboard redundancy
Manages enterprise data catalog
Indexes messy metadata locations
Surfaces definitions with verified links
Recognizes different team definitions
Fluent in SQL, Python
Configurable compliance adherence
Customizable workflows
Enables data anonymization
Prevents dashboard sprawl
Navigates semantic layer
Secure, compliant deployments
Incorporates dbt docs management
Understands differing team definitions
Supports different compliance standards
Provides data anonymization guardrails
Integrated Business Intelligence system
Natural language data requests


Limited language compatibility
Requires preexisting data platforms
Dependent on external collaboration platforms
Potential redundancy in data cataloging
High dependency on SQL, Python
Might require domain-specific configurations
Complexity in maintaining compliance standards
Not explicitly self-service
Limited data anonymization methods
Highly focused on enterprise-level usage


What is TextQL?
How does TextQL's AI, Ana, work?
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How does TextQL manage data cataloging?
How is TextQL integrated with preexisting data platforms?
How does Ana help in reducing redundancy in dashboard creation?
Can TextQL recognize different definitional uses across teams?
Is TextQL fluent in SQL and Python?
How does TextQL ensure compliance with standards?
How customizable are TextQL's workflows?
How does TextQL ensure data privacy?
What are the various industries that TextQL caters to?
Can TextQL's Ana generate visual representations of data?
Can TextQL be configured to adhere to any compliance standard?
How does TextQL handle data definitions and metadata?
How does TextQL's language learning model work?
How does Ana navigate the semantic layer with 100% certainty?
How can I fine-tune TextQL's Language Learning Models (LLMs) to suit my team's need?
How does TextQL's data integration and analysis capabilities compare to other similar AI tools?
Can TextQL retrieve any existing dashboard from my company's business intelligence platforms?

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