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Extracted business insights from complex log data.
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Structured Labs is an AI tool that offers businesses the ability to extract actionable insights from complex log data through advanced AI. The tool helps businesses to harness intelligence and simplify complexity.

Its main function is to provide expert knowledge that supercharges language models, allowing the AI to extract insights based on complex log data. Additionally, Structured Labs offers a no-code solution that enables businesses to get started quickly and easily.

The company's customer-centric approach is focused on delivering outstanding service and continuously improving its product to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Structured Labs is co-founded by CEO Amrutha Gujjar and CTO Shivam Singhal. Structured Labs provides users with the ability to transform complex log data into actionable business insights through advanced AI.

The tool offers a simplified and customizable co-pilot for log analysis that enables businesses to extract value from their data. Structured Labs allows businesses to streamline their workflow and analyze data with greater ease.

Overall, Structured Labs is a powerful and effective AI tool for businesses looking to simplify complex data and extract insights. With its no-code solution, businesses can quickly get started with the tool and begin to unlock the power of expert knowledge.


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Structured Labs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Extracts insights from complex logs
Supercharges language models
No-code solution
Quick and easy setup
Customer-centric approach
Continuous product improvements
Transforms logs to actionable insights
Customizable co-pilot for analysis
Streamlines workflow
Simplifies complex data
Harness intelligence
Empowers businesses
Allows easy data analysis
Free trial available
Provides expert knowledge


No mobile application
No API integration mentioned
No multi-language support referenced
Not open-source
No offline functionality
No real-time analytics feature
Not documented if customizable
No mentioned collaboration features
Doesn't specify data security measures
No evident scalability features


What is Structured Labs?
How does Structured Labs work?
What specific insights can Structured Labs extract from my log data?
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Can Structured Labs help my business streamline its workflow?
How can Structured Labs help in improving my business's data analysis process?
Is Structured Labs a no-code solution?
How can Structured Labs be customized?
How do I get started with Structured Labs?
Does Structured Labs offer a free trial?
How is Structured Labs different from other AI tools?
Why should I choose Structured Labs over other AI tools?
What is the role of expert knowledge in Structured Labs?
How does Structured Labs supercharge language models?
What kind of customer service does Structured Labs offer?
How can I follow Structured Labs updates?
How can I join Structured Labs on Discord?
How is Structured Labs continuously improving its product?
What client needs is Structured Labs aiming to meet?
What does it mean that Structured Labs is offering a 'copilot for log analysis'?

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