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Identified high-risk individuals and opportunities.
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Ferret is an AI platform that provides relationship intelligence to help users avoid high-risk individuals and spot promising opportunities. It combines sophisticated AI technology with world-class information to deliver reliable insights.

It is designed to be used as a tool for due diligence and is powered by Cookiebot, a consent cookie that stores the user’s consent state for the current domain.

Additionally, it uses Hubspot and Zoho to implement forms, LinkedIn to store the user’s selected language version and Google, Hotjar and Hubspot to provide statistical data.

These cookies collect data on visitors' website-behavior, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website, what pages have been read, and what interactions have been made.

By collecting and analyzing this data, Ferret can provide valuable insights to its users.


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Ferret was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Relationship Intelligence
Risk identification
Unearths promising opportunities
Supports due diligence
Powered by Cookiebot
Integration with Hubspot, Zoho
Integration with LinkedIn
Statistical data collection
User website-behavior analysis
Valuable insights generation
Cookie consent state storage
Form implementation
User's selected language storage
Unique ID for visitors
Load balancing optimization
Login functionality
Identification of humans from bots
Personal data protection
Visitor behaviour tracking
Real-time updates
Integration with Google, Hotjar
Visitor reentry recognition
Multi-website visitor tracking
Ad-relevance optimization
Embed services tracking
Visibility into personal & professional networks
Access to decades of news archives
Uncover White Collar Crime
Access to Corporate Ownership history
Access to Legal Records
Criminal History reveal
Reputation tracking
Business History verification
Automatic risk monitor
Uncover financial misdealings
Social Network clean up
Bad Actors identification
Instant relationship intelligence


Reliance on multiple third-party cookies
Dependent on external services
Multiple tracking cookies
Requires user consent for cookies
Heavy data collection on users
Must navigate various privacy policies
Possible slower loading times
Potential privacy concerns
Risk of breach from multiple services
Dependency on user behavior data


What is Ferret?
How does Ferret provide relationship intelligence?
What is the purpose of using Cookiebot in Ferret?
How does Ferret utilize Hubspot and Zoho?
What role does LinkedIn play in Ferret?
How does Ferret gather statistical data?
What is the due diligence role mentioned in relation to Ferret?
How does Ferret use cookies to provide services?
Can Ferret identify high-risk individuals?
Can I use Ferret to find business opportunities?
Does Ferret provide insights on visitor's behavior on the website?
What does it mean that Ferret is powered by world-class information?
Which analytics partners does Ferret share information with?
How is personal data protected in Ferret?
Why does Ferret use third-party services?
Can Ferret be used to analyze the average time spent on the website?
How is Ferret designed to be used as a tool for due diligence?
What kind of insights can users get from Ferret?
Can Ferret provide insights on already read pages?
Can Ferret analyze and collect data on website interactions?

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