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The DataRobot AI Platform is an open and flexible tool designed to meet the AI needs of your team. It brings together generative and predictive workflows into a unified platform, allowing you to quickly deliver AI solutions for your business.

The platform offers a range of features to help you throughout the AI lifecycle. In the AI experimentation phase, you can connect and assess data, engineer new features, and integrate with feature stores.

You can also train multiple modeling strategies in parallel using structured and unstructured data, and evaluate model performance, identify key drivers, and create customizable apps to drive decisions.For AI production, the DataRobot AI Platform enables you to create a centralized system of record for all models, and automate compliance documentation.

You can deploy and integrate any model, anywhere, with multiple deployment options. Additionally, you can monitor and measure model accuracy, ROI, and bias in real-time from any hosting environment.The platform also offers an open ecosystem, allowing you to integrate your data warehouses, ML APIs, workflow tooling, BI tools, and business apps.

You can choose how to deploy DataRobot, whether it's in a managed SaaS environment, private cloud, or public cloud.DataRobot provides resources for insights, education, and practitioner support, including a resource library, blog, events, webinars, and a community.

They also offer professional services to provide applied AI expertise.Overall, the DataRobot AI Platform aims to streamline and optimize the AI workflow, making it easier for businesses to deliver and leverage the power of AI.

DataRobot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 22nd 2023.
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