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SumoPPM is a GPT that acts as an expert in Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analysis. This tool works in conjunction with ChatGPT and guides users in leveraging BI & Data Analysis functionalities within the SumoPPM platform.

SumoPPM is designed with the intent of simplifying complex data-related tasks and turning them into understandable and actionable insights. This GPT, SumoPPM, uses learning algorithms and natural language processing to interact with users, understand their queries, and provide the best possible solutions or responses.

This interaction can range from answering data-related questions, offering suggestions for optimal data analyses, to interpreting output from BI reports.

With SumoPPM, users can have an interactive and accessible journey through their data analysis needs and BI operations. The tool does not merely act as a guide, but really as a BI wizard, facilitating users' understanding and engagement with their data.

To use SumoPPM, users are required to have a ChatGPT Plus membership which corresponds to an additional level of service and features on top of the base ChatGPT platform.

SumoPPM thereby embodies the intersection of AI and data analysis, making it a useful tool for those looking to tackle data and derive meaningful insights effectively through AI.


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