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Box AI is a secure, cloud-based AI tool that provides AI-powered insights for enterprise content. The tool uses AI models to analyze content and provide quick answers to queries, from summarizing documents to uncovering key findings.

With Box AI's content intelligence, decision-making can be made faster and more confidently. The tool also includes content creation features that enable users to draft press releases, write personalized sales emails, or outline action items in a meeting.

Additionally, Box AI's enterprise-grade AI solutions are safe, secure, and private, with built-in granular access permissions, industry compliance, and security features that protect sensitive data.

AI models are only trained on proprietary data with consent.Box AI offers endless possibilities for enterprise content analytics, from creating competitive analyses on market research reports to refining messaging for marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

The tool can also generate job postings and surface potential questions and answers for sales presentations.Box AI is available through a private beta program, and users can sign up to receive updates and be the first to experience the tool's AI-powered insights for enterprise content.

The tool is suitable for a range of industries, including finance, government, non-profit, education, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, construction, and more.


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Box AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based tool
Enterprise-grade safety and security
Content intelligence for decision-making
Quick answers to queries
Document summarization
Uncovering key findings
Content creation features
Built-in granular access permissions
Industry compliance
Sensitive data protection
Applicable across multiple industries
Private beta program for updates
Competitive analysis generation
Customizable sales emails
Messaging refinement for marketing
Job postings generation
Sales presentation Q&A prediction
Users can adjust marketing preferences
Generates onboarding materials
Enables reports translation
Allows tone adjustment
Action items outlining
Processes automation
Endless content analytics possibilities
Connects multiple apps
Controls ID visibility
Migration services
Large community for support
Availability of training resources
Central African Republic accessibility
Chile accessibility
Fiji Islands accessibility
Greenland accessibility
Hungary accessibility
India accessibility
Jordan accessibility
Malaysia accessibility
Nigeria accessibility
Peru accessibility
Saudi Arabia accessibility
Tajikistan accessibility
Turkmenistan accessibility
Vanuatu accessibility
Western Sahara accessibility
Yemen accessibility
Zimbabwe accessibility


Only available through private beta
Limited industries application
Lack of integration documentation
Proprietary data used for training
Limited global support
Content creation features limited
Lacks real-time collaboration
Limited translation functionality
Complex permissions setup


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