Data analysis 2023-05-20
Online analysis for offline business optimization.
Generated by ChatGPT is a cloud-based video analytics service for offline businesses that utilizes real-time AI vision. The tool provides visitors' analytics, service performance analysis, heat maps, and facial recognition features. requires specific equipment in place such as IP-cameras and a stable internet connection. To use the tool, a business needs to identify its requirements and scenarios that it wants to address with this solution.

Once integrated, business owners gain valuable insights into their business operations and can leverage the collected data and analysis to make informed decisions, drive improvements, and achieve objectives. offers pricing plans depending on the business needs with features such as people counter, service time counter, and face recognition, among others. is trusted by various industries such as retail, factories, warehouses, offices, HoReCa, health, and sport. The tool provides multiple ways to get in touch with the company through email and phone number.

Overall, is a useful tool for business owners looking to monitor and analyze their offline operations using AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based video analytics
Visitors' analytics
Service performance analysis
Heat map features
Facial recognition capabilities
Specific equipment integration
Data collection and analysis
Informed decision-making support
Business improvement assistance
Customizable pricing plans
People counter feature
Service time counter
Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux
Trusted by various industries
Supports offline businesses
Efficient data collection
Business scenario application
Email and phone support
Real-time business insights
Offline business optimization


Requires specific equipment
Requires stable internet connection
No automatic integration
Could violate privacy (facial recognition)
Per camera pricing system
Only works on Windows/MacOS/Linux
Limited contact options
Privacy concerns in multiple sectors
No information about security measures
May not be suitable for small businesses


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