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Enhanced Journal is a digital journaling platform designed to facilitate smart self-reflection. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence that transforms the act of journaling to a process of gaining insights about oneself.

Users can record their daily thoughts and observations in a systematic, secure manner as the platform offers encrypted private entries. The entries aren't just stored but also analyzed, providing users with keen insights derived from their thoughts and activities over time.

This analytical approach adds depth to the process of journaling, enabling users to understand their behaviours, moods, and thoughts better. Enhanced Journal also includes a feature of follow-up prompts or questions that stimulate further self-reflection.

The Reflection Plan, a premium feature, allows for unlimited smart journal entries with real-time analysis and a unique 30-day data-driven analysis. However, it keeps the option open for everyone by granting one free smart journal entry per day under its free plan.

It is positioned as an ideal tool for individuals seeking to understand their thoughts and behaviours, thereby promoting mindful living.


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Enhanced Journal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Encrypted private entries
Systematic record keeping
Transforms thoughts to insights
Analyzes entries for insights
Personal behavior recognition
Mood tracking feature
Thought analysis function
Follow-up self-reflection prompts
Reflection Plan feature
Smart journal entries
Real-time entry analysis
30-day data-driven analysis
Offers free plan
Unlimited entries on premium
Promotes mindful living
Ideal for self-understanding
Supports daily journaling
Free insights analysis
Secure and private journaling


Free plan limitations
Not open-source
No mobile app
No multi-language support
Limited data export options
Possible privacy concerns
No API for integration
Requires internet connection
Limited customization
No offline access


What is the Enhanced Journal?
How does Enhanced Journal use AI to enhance the journaling experience?
How secure are my entries in Enhanced Journal?
What insights can I gain from using Enhanced Journal?
What is the analytical approach employed by Enhanced Journal?
What are the follow-up prompts in Enhanced Journal?
What is the Reflection Plan offered by Enhanced Journal?
What is included in the free plan of Enhanced Journal?
How can Enhanced Journal help understand behaviours and moods?
What is the unique 30-day data-driven analysis in Enhanced Journal?
How does the Enhanced Journal promote mindful living?
How many smart journal entries can I make in a day with the free plan?
How does the real-time analysis work on Enhanced Journal?
What benefits do I get with the premium plan of Enhanced Journal?
What is meant by encrypted private entries in Enhanced Journal?
How can I sign up for Enhanced Journal?
How much does the Reflection Plan cost?
Is Enhanced Journal suitable for all age groups?
What is meant by smart journal entries?
Does Enhanced Journal offer any features for thought analysis?

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