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Wellness journal with generated insights and feedback.
Generated by ChatGPT

ParrotsCage is an AI-powered journaling tool that offers users the ability to gain valuable insights and feedback from their journal entries. The tool provides a user-friendly interface with various features to enhance the journaling experience.

Users can write their entries and optionally select their mood, as well as check-in on any cards they have. The system offers different tabs for organizing and visualizing journal entries.

The Progress page displays a chart showing mood variations and all card check-ins. The Events tab provides unified access to all journal entries and the associated mood selected at the time.

The Timeline tab presents journal entries and card check-ins in chronological order. The Insights page offers a pie chart displaying mood check-ins and provides AI-generated feedback summarizing the journal entries for a specific period.

Additionally, the Insights page includes a list of actionable items suggested by the AI that users can try. ParrotsCage is compatible with various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The system adjusts the displayed data points in the charts based on the screen resolution. It also integrates with ChatGPT3, enabling users to gain insights and receive feedback on their journaling entries.

The tool offers offline support, allowing users to access cached data and check-in on mood and cards even without an internet connection. Users can install ParrotsCage as a regular application, and the tool is timezone aware, displaying journaling entries and check-ins based on the user's selected timezone.

The tool emphasizes user data ownership, offering the option to request personal data and close the account at any time. ParrotsCage operates on a subscription-based model, with a free limited-time option available.

ParrotsCage was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Mood selection feature
Card check-in
Organized journal entries
Progress chart
Event and timeline tabs
Feedback on journal entries
Actionable items suggestion
Multi-device compatibility
Adjustable display based on resolution
ChatGPT3 integration
Offline support
Installable as regular application
Timezone awareness
Data ownership option
Subscription-based pricing
Free limited-time option


Subscription-based model
Limited free option
No multi-user support
Offline only for cached data
Interface dependent on screen resolution
Only offers timezone-based display
Dependent on a single mode of user interaction (journal entries)
Summary limited to selected period
No export functionalities


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How does the ParrotsCage application work on various devices?
Can I install ParrotsCage as a regular application?
Does ParrotsCage adjust to my timezone?
How does ParrotsCage ensure data ownership?
How can I close my ParrotsCage account?
What is the pricing model for ParrotsCage?
Is there a free trial option for ParrotsCage?
How does ParrotsCage adjust data points displayed based on device resolution?
Does ParrotsCage provide a list of actionable items for user improvement?
How do I get started with ParrotsCage?


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