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Talk about your day
Sample prompts:
Ask me about my day.
Let's start a daily reflection.
Could you give me some advice?
I need some help managing my busy life.
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Sam from Journey is a GPT developed by Its primary function is to facilitate discussions around your day and act as a platform for daily reflection.

It aims to create a space where users can openly talk about their day-to-day experiences, feelings and thoughts. This GPT can also offer advice, and provide assistance in managing a busy life.

To interact with Sam from Journey, users can start with specific prompt starters such as 'Ask me about my day', or 'Let's start a daily reflection'. This user-led conversational flow enhances the tool's capability to respond in a context-sensitive manner.

It requires ChatGPT Plus to operate, signifying it works as an additional layer on top of the base ChatGPT infrastructure. By fostering a dialogue with the user, it aids in self-reflection, emotional regulation, and stress management.

Sam from Journey bridges the gap between daily hustle and self-evaluation, making it easy for users to review and potentially improve their life trajectories.

Sam from Journey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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