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Aided tracking and memory management for individuals.
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uLog.ai is an AI-powered conversation companion that enables users to keep track of their thoughts, ideas, and memories in a unique way. The tool is designed to ask thoughtful questions and initiate interactive conversations with the user to learn about their life experiences.

The user can choose a topic they want to track, and schedule recurring notifications for the topic for added convenience. The AI companion will keep the conversation going, and a summary is generated after a certain number of questions, which is added to the user's timeline.

The user can review and edit the summaries at any time to personalize their experience. uLog.ai features customizable notifications, multiple topics creation and management, an organized timeline to track the user's journey, and privacy protection.uLog uses large language models (LLMs) to enhance conversations and adapt to user responses for optimal results.

The tool is available as a web application with an installable progressive web application. Users can create an account and start using uLog easily and cancel their subscription at any time.

The tool aims to have a B2B product in the market by the end of 2023. There are currently no APIs available, but users can express their interest and use cases.

In the coming months, uLog intends to enhance productivity and insights features to provide users with a faster means of tracking information. Overall, uLog is a unique tool that helps users keep track of life experiences and memories with interactive AI-powered conversation tools.

Ulog was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 30th 2023.
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User Profile PictureMicheal Reed
ยท Jun 8, 2023
uLog was born out of the vision to empower individuals, helping them unlock their fullest potential. We believe that AI-driven journals will play an integral role in our interaction with the AI companions of the future. By logging elements of our daily lives, these AI companions gain a deeper understanding of us, becoming better equipped to cater to our needs and automate tasks that may hinder our progress. Think about a future where you have 20 different AI companions, each performing their own assigned tasks. How wonderful would it be to have a centralized place to stay in the loop with all of them? That's where uLog comes in. It provides a home base for users to keep their AI counterparts updated, and eventually, it could even serve as a platform for AI to log information from other AI entities. So, regardless of who you are, uLog is for you โ€“ offering you an innovative way to stay on track, reduce friction in your life, and connect with the exciting realm of AI companions. Welcome to a world where technology and human needs seamlessly intertwine, creating a future that's productive, efficient, and highly personalized.

Pros and Cons


Customizable notifications
Multi-topic tracking
Organized timeline
Privacy protection
Web app availability
Installable progressive web application
Subscription cancellation flexibility
Future B2B product
Planned productivity enhancements
Planned insights improvements
Editable conversation summaries
Conversation persistence
User-guided topic selection
Recurring notifications
Adaptive conversation
Manual review of summaries
Adapts to user responses
Account creation simplicity
Personalized conversation tracking
Scheduled reminders for tracking
In-progress conversation saving
Notification customization per topic


No APIs available
Available as web application only
No B2B product currently
Summary generation after set questions
Requires account creation
Subscription cancellation not straightforward
Data shared with partners
Lacks integrations with other services
No native mobile app
Limited productivity and insights features


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How does uLog.ai use Large Language Models (LLMs) to enhance conversation?
Can I cancel my uLog.ai subscription anytime?
Is uLog.ai planning to have a B2B product?
Are there any available APIs for uLog.ai?
How can I express my interest for uLog.ai's future APIs?
Does the uLog.ai tool adapt to user responses?
What future enhancements is uLog planning for productivity and insights?
What is the concept behind uLog.ai's interactive AI conversations?
How can I start using uLog.ai?
Can I schedule multiple alarms for a single topic in uLog.ai?
How can uLog.ai's timeline help me track my journey?
How do I install uLog.ai's progressive web application?


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