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Efficient note-taker with quick insights and learning
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scatteredNote is a simple and intuitive tool that helps you grab content and take notes effortlessly. Its user interface is designed to ensure a seamless note-taking experience without distracting you from your main task.

The tool emphasizes the concept of note-taking as a by-product of your main activity, such as research or reading, to prevent switching modes and maintain focus.With scatteredNote, you can easily jot down and organize your notes, ensuring that no worth knowledge is lost or forgotten.

The tool features a straightforward workflow and user interface, minimizing any potential for feeling trapped while taking notes and allowing you to quickly return to your main task.One of the notable aspects of scatteredNote is its ability to capture information atomically and back it up with your insights, promoting effective knowledge management.

The tool also offers features such as organizing notes per website or YouTube videos, enabling easy access to your archived knowledge.Additionally, scatteredNote leverages AI capabilities to enhance your note-taking experience.

You can query, chat, and even create flashcards with your archived knowledge for quick insights and efficient learning. The tool also supports AI chat integration to effortlessly access information from your extended memory.scatteredNote requires little effort for note organization, minimizing the need for manual rearrangement.

It offers various capture modes, including YouTube, VS Code, web, and PDF, allowing you to capture perspectives based on timestamps, functions, paragraphs, or images.Please note that scatteredNote offers a subscription-based model for its upcoming version 1.0, which will include AI and database enhancements.

ScatteredNote was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient content organization
Seamless note-taking experience
Minimizes distraction
Capture information atomically
Notes per website/YouTube
Multiple capture modes
Subscription-based model
Minimal effort note organization
Easy note access
Flashcards creation for learning
Effective knowledge management
Insight backed information capture
Designed for main task focus
UI prevents feeling trapped
Supports VS Code, YouTube, web, and PDF
Includes database enhancements
Intelligent note querying
Accommodates various capture perspectives


Subscription-based model
Limited capture modes
No offline access
Reliant on external plugins
Potentially confusing UI
No mobile version
Limited to certain browsers
No multi-user support
Relies on active Internet connection


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How does scatteredNote aid in efficient learning?
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How does scatteredNote assist in querying and communication of information?


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