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Effortless audio journaling and task integration.
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Klarity is an audio journaling app that provides a convenient way to record your thoughts and ideas using their intuitive web or mobile app. The app leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize and transform your voice notes into clear, structured text in seconds.

These transcriptions are then seamlessly integrated with Notion, a workspace and task management tool, ensuring that no thought or idea is lost.With Klarity, users can effectively organize their thoughts by streamlining the countless ideas and tasks that often overwhelm us.

Instead of using separate task apps, users can simply voice out their tasks, which are then summarized and added directly to their Notion workspace for effortless task management.Additionally, Klarity empowers users to elevate their brainstorming sessions.

By voicing out innovative ideas and collaborating on Notion, users can engage in productive brainstorming sessions for their projects.Klarity offers a free plan that allows for recordings of up to 5 minutes without requiring a credit card.

For users who require more recording time, they can opt for the premium plan, which includes 15 minutes per recording and unlimited recordings, as well as the integration with Notion for $5 per month.Overall, Klarity provides a user-friendly solution for audio journaling, transforming voice notes into text, and integrating them seamlessly with Notion for efficient organization, task management, and brainstorming.

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