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Writing helper for blogs, reports and social media.
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MagickPen is an AI-powered writing assistant that allows users to write anything in seconds. It is designed to help with a range of different writing tasks such as creating paragraphs, ideas, plans, replies, blogs, bios, reports, reviews, research, weekly articles, resumes, cover letters, job postings, speeches, journeys, stories, slogans, lists, jokes, recipes, scripts, poems, lyrics, emails, social media posts, and more.

MagickPen can recognize different tones such as neutral, formal, joyful, and sad, and it can generate output in various lengths, formats, and markdown.

It also has an advanced feature for users to apply credits to their projects. MagickPen is an excellent tool for writers, students, teachers, workers, marketers, YouTubers, KOLs, bloggers, freelancers, lawyers, designers, developers, financial managers, speakers, engineers, journalists, investors, businesses, artists, coaches, doctors, chefs, and experts.

Magickpen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates various text types
Creates versatile content
Different tone options
Output in diverse lengths
Markdown format available
Apply credits feature
Multiple user roles
Email generating
Social Media post creating
Can create work documents
Option for different formats
Can write in numerous formats
Multitude of publishing options
Helps in generating replies
Can generate jokes/entertainment content
Supports creative writing (poems, lyrics)
Useful for diverse professional roles
Helps create educational content
Generates creative scripts
Useful for bloggers and freelancers
Beneficial for social media influencers
Conducive for businesses for marketing
Aids educators in content creation
Useful for lawyers and investors
Supports content creation for artists
Assists coaches in creating documents
Content generation for medical professionals
Aids in designing job posts
Helps in creating study materials
Content creation for financial managers


Requires Javascript
No offline use
Requires purchase of credits
No multi-language support
No voice to text option
Lacks customizable settings
No collaborative tool
Doesn't have version history
Lacks spell check feature
No plagiarism checker


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Can I use MagickPen if I am an artist or a coach?
Do I need Javascript enabled to fully utilize MagickPen?
Does MagickPen offer any translation or grammar-related features?
Can I use MagickPen to write formal texts?
What options does MagickPen offer for post-publishing destinations?
How does MagickPen's feature for content length work?
How can MagickPen assist with resume and cover letter writing?
Is MagickPen suitable for creating weekly articles?
Can MagickPen be used for writing scripts and lyrics?
Does MagickPen provide help with writing emails?
Can I generate markdown content using MagickPen?

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