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AI and Web Scraping for Google Sheets.
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SheetMagic is an AI tool that combines the functionality of Google Sheets with comprehensive data scraping and AI capabilities. It empowers users to generate AI content and AI images directly within their spreadsheets.

SheetMagic also enables users to perform broad-based web scraping to fetch live data from websites and search engine result pages. The versatile tool can help in data analysis, allowing users to summarize content, classify data, and categorize information.

Additionally, it helps users clean up their lists, extract key information, and organize their data more efficiently. The tool has found use cases across several domains such as e-commerce, marketing, advertising, and SEO.

Users can create bulk product descriptions or ad copies or scrape search results and generate similar SEO-optimized content. SheetMagic also aids in creating personalized sales emails, enriching lead lists and scraping websites to extract specific information.

A stand-out feature is its ability to automate OpenAI's GPT models within Google Sheets without the need for coding or hiring a developer. In addition, the tool supports team collaboration and works across languages.

SheetMagic, however, requires users to attach their own OpenAI API key.


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SheetMagic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Web scraping abilities
Live data fetching
Data analyzing features
Content summarization
Data classification tool
Data categorization tool
Data cleaning tool
Efficient data organization
Useful for e-commerce
Useful for marketing
Useful for advertising
Useful for SEO
Bulk product description creation
Bulk ad copy creation
Search results scraping
Generates SEO-optimized content
Personalized sales email creation
Lead list enrichment
Specific info web scraping
No need for coding
No need for developers
Supports team collaboration
Works in all languages
Unlimited web scraping
Streamlines Google Workspace tasks
Easy to use
No coding required
Bulk data summarization
Data collection and extraction
Affordable API usage
Scraping features
Detailed extraction info
Compatible with GPT models
Extensive scraping functions
Saves from manual tasks
Auto task automation
Quick setup
Unlimited scraping
User-friendly interface
Meta title scraping
Meta description scraping
Organized data table creation


Setup guide needed
Limitations on scraping functions
Only compatible with Google Sheets
No built-in API
No offline usage
Charges for API usage
No free version
Limited support resources


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How does SheetMagic integrate with Google Sheets?
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How does SheetMagic assist in data analysis, classification, and categorization?
How can SheetMagic help in cleaning and organizing data?
What role can SheetMagic play in e-commerce, marketing, advertising, and SEO domains?
How does SheetMagic automate OpenAI's GPT models within Google Sheets?
Can SheetMagic support team collaboration?
Does SheetMagic work in multiple languages?
Why do users need to attach their own OpenAI API key to use SheetMagic?
How can SheetMagic help to create bulk product descriptions and ad copies?
Can SheetMagic be used to scrape top search results for SEO content generation?
How does SheetMagic aid in creating personalized sales emails?
Can SheetMagic enhance lead lists through website scraping?
What are the top use cases of SheetMagic?
How does SheetMagic compare to other AI tools for Google Sheets?
Does SheetMagic offer any setup guide for users?
What is SheetMagic's refund policy?
Does using SheetMagic require any coding knowledge?


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