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Bring your AI assistant Claude to your spreadsheets.
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Claude for Sheets is an Artificial Intelligence driven assistant that integrates with Google Sheets, provided by Anthropic. It leverages the capabilities of Claude, Anthropic's AI, within spreadsheets adding a new dimension of functionality.

To use this tool, an Anthropic API key is required. This AI assistant can be incorporated into the spreadsheet environment by adding the Claude for Sheets extension.

It introduces two specific formula functions known as =CLAUDE() and =CLAUDEFREE(). The =CLAUDE() function is generally used to converse with Claude directly within the spreadsheet.

On the other hand, =CLAUDEFREE() is utilized for sending free-form prompts to Claudes API, mirroring the function of a direct API call. The tool enables the extraction of specific information from text, translation, text rewriting in various styles, content summary, data classification, etc.

It also assists in removing identifiable information and can be employed to simulate real-life roles such as a career coach, among other applications.

Assuring data privacy, data shared with =CLAUDE functions are exclusively shared with Anthropic as outlined in their Privacy Policy. Sharing a Claude for Sheets spreadsheet with other users within your Google Workspace organization enables the users to use the custom functions without needing to install the add-on separately.


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Claude for Sheets was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrates with Google Sheets
Utilizes Anthropic API key
Adds Claude for Sheets extension
Implements =CLAUDE() and =CLAUDEFREE() functions
Direct conversation with Claude within spreadsheet
Facilitates free-form prompts to Claude’s API
Enables data extraction
Offers translation services
Performs text rewriting in various styles
Provides content summarization
Performs data classification
Assists in removing identifiable information
Simulates real-life roles as career coach
Ensures data privacy according to Anthropic's Privacy Policy
Allows shared use of custom functions within organization
Automatic in-sheet caching
Features throttling capability
Enables on-demand and background recalculation
Free add-on
Billing tied to normal tariff schedule given API key
Offers two specific cell functions
Can simulate various professional roles
Allows simultaneous conversations with Claude
Respects user data privacy
Claude functions available to others within workspace
Allows use of custom functions without separate add-on installation
Supports advanced document Q&A with citations
Allows Claude's functionality within Google Sheets environment
Offers on-demand and background recalculation
Allows data classification
Translates text
Rewrites text in various styles
Extracts specific information from text
Offers personalized interactive experience
Removes personally identifiable information
Ensures shared data security within organization
Offers automatic sheet caching
Supports throttling to control API calls
Can function as career coach
Summarizes content
Functionality relies on user's Anthropic API key
Its functions support multiple parameters
Has real-time API call capability
Operates even when user not present
Provides optional model selection for different needs
Includes stop_sequences parameter for better control over Claude’s responses
Parametrizes the formulation with 'temperature' for randomization
Facilitates API calls through specified API key
Enables Abel function parameters customization for specific needs
Bills will occur on Anthropic API account


Requires Anthropic API key
Limited to Google Sheets
Data shared with Anthropic
Anthropic API billing applies
API call cost
Limited API call concurrency
Potential offensive or biased results
Potential incorrect information
Unable to handle sensitive data
Dependency on Google Cloud cache


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Does Claude for Sheets offer an extension?
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Who provides Claude for Sheets?
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Can Anthropic's API key be customized?
What roles can be simulated using Claude for Sheets?


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