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Transformed spreadsheet import with flexible validation.
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Luminal is an AI-powered spreadsheet importer designed to streamline the process of importing spreadsheets for processing. With Luminal, customers can get their spreadsheets ready for processing 10 times faster than before.

Luminal is designed to learn from every interaction, making it a dynamic solution that gets better at spreadsheet importing with every example. The solution is built with complex data types, formats, and validations in mind and can handle spreadsheets with over 5 million rows.

Additionally, Luminal offers an end-to-end solution that includes configuration, AI-powered transformations, semantic column mapping, advanced formatting, and flexible validation rules.

Luminal enables users to configure their columns with data types ranging from language code to business name and allows for effortless application of AI-powered transformations, such as summarization, auto-tagging, and auto-categorization.

Luminal also provides powerful validation features, including visual inspection, bulk fixes, filtering, and summarization. The platform is designed to ensure data security, featuring encryption during transit and at rest, zero data persistence, and secure hosting with top-tier cloud providers in the US and EU.

With Luminal, customers can increase conversion by more than 100%, reduce friction, and save over six months of engineering time.


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Luminal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transformed spreadsheet import
Flexible validation
Processes spreadsheets 10x faster
Learns from every interaction
Handles spreadsheets over 5M rows
End-to-end solution
Configuration features
Semantic column mapping
Advanced formatting
Validation features with visual inspection
Bulk fixes capability
Filtering option
Summarization feature
Data encryption in-transit and at rest
Zero data persistence
Secure hosting with top cloud providers
100% increase in conversion
Saves 6+ months engineering time
Wide range of data types
Complex validation rules setup
Improves onboarding experience


Doesn't support non-spreadsheet files
Only supports English language
Limited advanced formatting options
No mobile app available
Too complex for novice users
Lack of comprehensive tutorials
No real-time collaboration features
Data purge may not be suitable for all
No offline usage capacity
No API for external integration


What is Luminal?
How does Luminal streamline the spreadsheet importing process?
What makes Luminal faster than other spreadsheet importers?
What kind of data can Luminal handle?
Can Luminal process spreadsheets with over 5M+ rows?
What are the key features of Luminal?
How does Luminal's AI-powered transformations work?
What kind of data types can Luminal configure for columns?
How does Luminal's semantic column mapping feature work?
What formatting options does Luminal offer?
What flexible validation rules does Luminal offer?
What validation features does Luminal provide for imported spreadsheets?
How does Luminal ensure data security?
Where is Luminal hosted and how is the data encrypted?
What increase in conversion can I expect with Luminal?
How much engineering time can Luminal save?
Does Luminal offer a free trial?
Are there any regulations Luminal complies with regarding data security?
What happens to my data after it's done being processed on Luminal?
Can Luminal handle complex spreadsheet formatting and validations?

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