Data cleaning 27 Feb 2023

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Luminal is an AI-powered spreadsheet importer designed to streamline the process of importing spreadsheets for processing. With Luminal, customers can get their spreadsheets ready for processing 10 times faster than before.

Luminal is designed to learn from every interaction, making it a dynamic solution that gets better at spreadsheet importing with every example. The solution is built with complex data types, formats, and validations in mind and can handle spreadsheets with over 5 million rows.

Additionally, Luminal offers an end-to-end solution that includes configuration, AI-powered transformations, semantic column mapping, advanced formatting, and flexible validation rules.

Luminal enables users to configure their columns with data types ranging from language code to business name and allows for effortless application of AI-powered transformations, such as summarization, auto-tagging, and auto-categorization.

Luminal also provides powerful validation features, including visual inspection, bulk fixes, filtering, and summarization. The platform is designed to ensure data security, featuring encryption during transit and at rest, zero data persistence, and secure hosting with top-tier cloud providers in the US and EU.

With Luminal, customers can increase conversion by more than 100%, reduce friction, and save over six months of engineering time.



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