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Automating data collection and citation for your reports.
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MyReport is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify and streamline the data collection and report generation process. Upon entering the topic of the desired report, the tool uses advanced Natural Language Processing technology to search and filter relevant information from the internet.

In addition, the tool is capable of creating comprehensive reports that include images, graphs, tables, citations, and references, providing a professional outcome ready for review, editing and sharing.

For users with a professional plan, MyReport can access data from shared drive folders and incorporate them into the report, ensuring data privacy throughout the process.

This feature allows users to create customised reports based on personal or professional data. Importantly, user information is not shared with third parties and is utilized strictly for reporting purposes.

Another key feature is the tools ability to generate reports quickly, with users receiving a shareable link for each report. The purpose of MyReport is to save users time spent on researching and investigating, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks.


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MyReport was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates data collection
Automates citation process
Generates professional reports
Supports images, graphs, tables
Provides citations, quotes, references
Tailorable input parameters
Secure and private
Easy sharing via link
Enables local saving
Free early access
Can handle cloud storage
Offers data privacy
Fast report generation
Can access shared drive folders
Keeps user data secure
Quick-start on new ideas
Helps boost cooperation
Aid for analysis, decision tasks
Saves users' time
Navigates the web
Works with personal, professional data
Instant link sharing
Candidates own data use
Minimizes research, investigation time
Supports brainstorming sessions
Generates data visuals


Limited data sources
No API available
Limited customization options
No real-time reporting feature
No collaborative functionalities
No mobile app
Can't access offline
Complex for non-tech users
Limited language support
Requires internet connection


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Does MyReport offer free early access and what features does it include?
Can I customize MyReport's input parameters?
What makes MyReport different from other report automation tools?
Do I need any special technical skills to use MyReport?
How does MyReport ensure data privacy?
Does MyReport support data visualization in the reports?
Can I save reports to my local storage with MyReport?
Does MyReport come with cloud storage integration?
What are the subscription plans of MyReport?
Can I use my own data with MyReport?
How does MyReport help me stay on track with deadlines?

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