Business reports 23 Nov 2022
Report creation using NLP and Augmented Intelligence.

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MyReport by alaba a.i. is an AI-powered tool that automates the data collection and citation process for reports. Users simply describe the topic of their report, review it, and send.

The tool uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Augmented Intelligence (AI) technologies to quickly collect and filter data from the Internet and generate a professional outcome with images, graphs, citations, quotes and references.

MyReport also gives users the option to tailor the input parameters to their specific needs. The tool is secure, private, and allows for easy sharing of reports via a link or local saving.

It is designed to save users time and help them stay on track with deadlines, allowing them to focus on the important aspects of their work. MyReport also offers a free early access, so users can get started quickly and take advantage of its features.

MyReport was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates data collection
Automates citation process
Uses NLP
Augmented Intelligence feature
Instant professional report generation
Includes images, graphs
Includes citations, quotes, references
Input parameters customization
Secure and private
Easy report sharing
Saves time
Helps meet deadlines
Offers free early access
Supports chatbot
Supports web reporting
Fast report generation
Advanced NLP automation
Continuous improvement
Instant link sharing
Automates surveying data
Boosts cooperation
Quick-start draft creation
Facilitates brainstorming
No manual researching needed
Allows focusing on priorities
Automatic business report creation
Continuous NLP improvements
Instant report sharing


No offline usage
Data sourcing unclear
No customisation of report structure
Limited format options for reports
Doesn't have an API
Integration with other platforms not mentioned
Unclear on iterative improvement capabilities
No collaboration feature
Limited to English language only
Potential inaccuracies in automated citations


What is MyReport by alaba a.i.?
How does MyReport use NLP and AI technologies?
What are the steps needed to create a report with MyReport?
Can I customize the input parameters in MyReport to my needs?
How secure and private is the report creation process in MyReport?
How does sharing reports work in MyReport?
What does the free early access in MyReport offer?
How does MyReport save users time in creating a report?
Can I use MyReport to generate business reports?
What kind of information does MyReport include in its generated reports?
How fast can MyReport generate a report?
How does MyReport ensure the quality of the reports it generates?
What kind of continuous improvements does MyReport make with its NLP technology?
How can MyReport help with project brainstorming and idea generation?
What are the benefits of using MyReport for analysis and decision tasks?
How does MyReport help users focus on really matters for their work?
Can I save the reports generated by MyReport locally?
Can I contact alaba a.i. if I have problems using MyReport?
Does MyReport have a subscription service?
What is the pricing for using MyReport?

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