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Embrace generative AI without losing control over your data.
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Omnifact is a generative AI platform that embodies a privacy-first approach, designed specifically for usage within businesses. The platform enables businesses to avail the benefits of Generative AI technology while preserving data sovereignty.

Apart from focusing on privacy and data-control, Omnifact additionally provides secure and enterprise-grade AI solutions aimed at boosting productivity, driving innovation and simplifying the management of knowledge.

Omnifact's offering includes 'Omnifact Chat', a privacy-oriented AI chat tailored for the workplace, and 'Omnifact Spaces', where AI assistants can leverage internal documents and data sources.

The platform stands out with its vendor-independent feature that allows for the selection from a range of language models, thus providing flexibility and the power to control and leverage AI accordingly.

For deployment, Omnifact ensures GDPR-compliance both with cloud-hosted and on-premise options, supporting the varying needs of different businesses. Given the focus on privacy, data sovereignty and flexibility, Omnifact appears to be a vital tool for businesses exploring the power of AI while wanting to retain control over their data and processes.


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May 12, 2024
It is such a great tool if you are looking for a customizable generative AI experience! The company works very hard to impress its users and constantly listens to and ships new features that we want!

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Pros and Cons


Privacy-first approach
Preserving data sovereignty
Boosts productivity
Drives innovation
Simplifies knowledge management
Vendor-independent platform
Range of language models
Cloud-hosted and on-premise deployment
Tailored for businesses
Scheduling of live demos


Cloud-hosted GDPR compliance complexity
On-premise deployment resource heavy
Limited range of language models
Heavy data-sovereignty could limit functionality
Likely premium cost
Specific workplace chat tool limitation
Lean on enterprise solutions
Single platform limitation
Lack of clarity on updates


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How does Omnifact manage data privacy and security?
What role does Omnifact play in driving business innovation?
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