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Create Client Reports is an AI solution platform designed to automate the process of generating client reports for professional service firms. Users upload their client documents to designated Client Data Rooms.

The platform uses these uploaded documents as data sets for its Advisory Copilot, which then utilizes the data to automatically generate client reports such as Business Plans, Company Valuation Reports, Diligence Reports, or Investor Reports.

These automated reports can be exported into a Microsoft Word Document. The platform's unique 3-SHOT APPROACH includes automatic generation of document section headers based on the type of document; creation of content for each section; and fine tuning and regenerating content section by section.

Once the user is satisfied with the document, it can be exported to a Microsoft Word Template type for final reviewing and sending to the client.


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Pros and Cons


Fastest way to create reports
Uses client document data
Automatic generation of reports
Exports to Microsoft Word
3-shot approach to content creation
Fine tunes content by section
Thousands of copilots
Data customized to each client
Designed for professional service firms
Useful across multiple sectors
Versatile departmental applications
Scale pricing to business growth
Specific report types generated
Automatic document section header generation
Microsoft Word template export
One unique data room per client
Includes key metrics for analysis
Detailed insights into client's business


Only exports to Word
No multilingual support
Relies heavily on templates
Potentially expensive
Requires document upload
No multiple data source integration
Limited fine tuning
No direct client interaction
Data security concerns
Industry-agnostic approach


What is the Advisory Copilot feature in Create Client Reports?
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Can I export the generated reports into a Microsoft Word Document using Create Client Reports?
What is the 3-SHOT APPROACH in Create Client Reports?
Does Create Client Reports support the creation of content for each section in the report?
How do I fine-tune and regenerate content section by section in Create Client Reports?
Does Create Client Reports integrate with Microsoft Word?
What is a Client Data Room in the context of Create Client Reports?
Can I use Create Client Reports for Company Valuation Reports?
I'm in the Financial Services sector, how can I leverage Create Client Reports?
Can Create Client Reports be customized for law firms?
How does Create Client Reports aid in Business Planning?
Does Create Client Reports provide solutions for different departments such as Business Operations and Marketing?
What industries does Create Client Reports cater to?
How secure is the data I upload to Create Client Reports?
Can I get a trial of Create Client Reports?
How does Create Client Reports ensure the document quality?
Does Create Client Reports have a specific size limit for data upload?
What pricing tiers does Create Client Reports offer?

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