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Automated spreadsheet assistance.
Generated by ChatGPT

Numerous.ai is an AI-powered spreadsheet plugin for Google Sheets. With Numerous.ai, users can extract text, categorize data, generate formulas, and use ChatGPT directly within their spreadsheet.

The ChatGPT function allows users to prompt AI to make educated guesses, summarize text into bullet points, extract specific parts out of text, and more.

Additionally, the =INFER() function can be used to teach Numerous to do repetitive tasks, such as categorizing hundreds of items, formatting a thousand cells, sentiment analysis, and more.

Users can also use the =WRITE() function to have ChatGPT write marketing copy, SEO descriptions, responses to customer messages, and more. Numerous.ai enables users to generate formulas using plain English.

Users can describe the formula they want, and Numerous.ai will write it for them. This feature works for even complicated functions such as VLOOKUP, QUERY, and REGEX.

If users ever receive a sheet and have no idea what a formula does, Numerous.ai can explain it in plain English. Numerous.ai has a free trial which includes 60 tokens, enabling users to try it out without providing a credit card.

Paid plans with different token amounts are available for users who need more. These plans allow users to use more characters of ChatGPT inputs and outputs, generate more formulas, and more.

Numerous.ai only works on desktop and requires users to install the Google Sheets plugin for use. If users have any questions, they can reach out to support.

The service has clear terms and conditions users must agree to, including account and membership requirements and billing and payment terms.


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Pros and Cons


Shortens spreadsheet tasks
Plugin for Google Sheets
Extracts and categorizes text
Generates spreadsheet functions
Direct use of ChatGPT
Forms educated guesses
Can summarize text
Uses =INFER() function for repetitive tasks
Efficiently formats cells
Performs sentiment analysis
Assists in marketing and SEO
Generates formulas using plain English
Understands complex spreadsheet functions
Deciphers complex formulas
Free trial provided
Subscription based on tokens
Support available


Only works on desktop
Requires Google Sheets plugin
Limited functionality in free trial
Paid plans may be expensive
Might have high-risk transactions
Doesn't expressly mention mobile compatibility
Limited tokens on all plans
No mention of offline functionality


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Can Numerous.ai explain what a specific formula does?
Is there a free trial for Numerous.ai?
What's included in the Numerous.ai paid plans?
Does Numerous.ai work on mobile devices?
How to install the Numerous.ai plugin on Google Sheets?
What are the account and membership requirements for Numerous.ai?
What's the billing and payment terms for Numerous.ai?
What is the =AI() function in Numerous.ai?
How does Numerous.ai assist with sentiment analysis?
What is the policy for account suspension or deletion in Numerous.ai?
Can I use Numerous.ai to write SEO descriptions?
What is the procedure to reach out to Numerous.ai support?
What is the process to install Numerous.ai later?
How can ChatGPT help within a spreadsheet?
Does Numerous.ai have any restrictions on order placements?


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